Love Like This *On Hold*

By the title you probably thought "Oh, a love story." But this isn't a love story between two people. This is a love story between a girl and her horse.


3. Chapter 3


After monts of feeding her and just spending time with her, I earned her trust. It was only last month that I rode her for the first time. This is how it went;

 "Easy, Spark," I coo, tightening the girth one more hole. She raises her head and shakes it. I take the reigns and pull slightly. She stands still. I shrug my shoulders and walk away, letting go of the reigns. Spark snorts in surprise but I don't look back. I continue to walk around the arena not looking at her. After a few minutes I hear hoof beats.

 I keep walking for a while then break into a jog. Spark trots after me. I slow to a walk, then a stop. She pushes against my shoulder and I turn around to rub her nose. I take the reigns again and pull slightly. She walks after me.

 I pull the stirrups down. Putting my left foot in the stirrup, I pull myself up.I swing my right leg over. If she was unbroken, I would lie down but she's been ridden before. I tap my heels against her sides and she hunches her back. I grab a fistful of mane and talk to her.

 "Easy girl," I say, "It's okay. It's only me. Go on, walk on." Se relaxes and takes a few hesitant steps forward. I stroke her neck and continue to encourage her. She begins to walk more freely and I smile. Bit by bit, I gather up the reigns until I have contact. I push her into a trot and try to keep my hands light. She arches her neck nicely and accepts the bit.

 I change the reign from B to E and change my diagonal at X. She turns nicely around my leg wen I ask er to do a twenty metre circle.

 At F I ask her to canter. She powers forward and I sit back, putting a small amount of pressure on the reigns. She slows but we still canter around the arena three times before slowing to a trot again. I change the reign and canter her.

 I want to jump but I don't know how she'll react. I jump off and set up a small fifty metre jump. I mount back on and canter her again before turning her to face it. She speeds up and I sit back again. She takes off too early and rattles the pole but it doesn't fall.

 I turn her towards it again and this time she takes off at just the right moment, clearing it with a little room to spare. I jump her one more time before walking her around on a loose reign to cool her down and let her stretch her muscles.


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