From the Library

"Morning Miss. Clay" "Hello Pat" I said. "Here are these and you'll know were I'll be" "oh honey you can't there is a meeting going on in there" she said "Oh I'll wait outside of the door" I said that conversation is what changed my life forever.


2. Night

Clarisa's POV.

As I walked down the street I stopped at the Starbucks next to my flat. I ordered my normal Mocha Cookie Crumble. I sat down at a table and pulled out my phone. I was scrolling threw twitter when I noticed Niall tweeted @NiallOfficail Just got mobbed by fans haha luv u Crazy Mofos. I like One Direction's music but I'm not a fan of them really. After getting my drink I walked next door to my flat. I felt like something was off as soon as I walked in. I slowly shut the door feeling as I was being watched. I walked into the kitchen watching my every step. As soon as I turned the kitchen light on I was tackled to the ground. "I FREAKING MISSED YOU," Latya yelled. She was my only friend back in high school but moved our Jr. year. "OMG why didn't you tell me you were coming back," I squealed as I got off the ground. "I wanted to surprise you. So SURPRISE!" she screamed. "Were are you staying?" I asked her sitting on top of the counter. "That's the thing I'm just here for work and with my boyfriend," she mumbled looking at the ground. "Oh, well I wanna met this 'Boyfriend' of yours" I said giggling. Latya and I lost contact after about 6 months of her being gone. "How about tomorrow at 6:00?" she asked with a hopeful looking face. "That sounds great," I said smiling to her. "Awesome see you then," she said as she gave me a hug a walked out the door. I stripped from my clothes and got in my pjs. I climbed into bed falling instanly asleep.

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