Leaving the Shack

Zombie games are out! I guess I should try writing my own story now.
It's about a brother and a sister that have to survive 'zombies' and stuff. Influences from just about anything about zombies and survival. Feedback is appreciated!


3. Small Town, Big Personality

  The trio made their way out of the woods after Maize changed out of his bright sweater into a neutral toned sweater. Heather grabbed a satchel and clung to the back of Maize's leg as he glared at the back of Reese's head. Reese ranted about how stupid crocs look. The sound of his ridicule echoed through the tall trees and scared a flock of birds from the thicket. 

  "The only time I would wear them is if I was senile and had no other choice in a-"


  "Would you shut up?" Maize interrupted. "I don't want you attracting anyone."


  Reese stopped abruptly and turned around. "What do you mean anyone? I hadn't seen anyone on the way here. I only passed a few of the Hungry on the way here, but they were pretty easy to take out."


  "The what?"


  "You know, the hungry looking guys that tried to eat your face of earlier. I figured, since I don't really know what to call them, I'd just call them hungry. Or starved. Something food deprived. You don't honestly think they're still people, do you?" asked Reese.     "Well they do look like humans-"


  "But they don't act like them! And they look more like skeletons. Their skin is pasty. Their limbs are engorged with that strange gross stuff, if not just bone! If your little sister became Hungry, would you still consider her a human? Even though she'd have no free will or conscience besides her animal instincts to feed?"


  Heather began to cry and cover her ears. Maize slapped Reese and cursed at him for upsetting Heather. Reese rubbed his face and continued walking. He mumbled and apology while staring at the ground. Maize tried to calm his sister by carrying her on his back and assuring her that that would never happen and he would always protect her. When she finally settled down, they were exiting the forest and crossing the rode into the quaint town of Cheyna. 


  Overlooking the city from the road that curved down a hill into the town center, they could see all the small buildings in a grid. The city hall constructed in the 1930s was closest to them, it was the second tallest and dullest building in the square. Next to it was a police department that was practically never in use. The majority of the structures were niche shops and homes of the elderly. 


  Leading, Reese slid down the grassy slope and began to speak several decibels below his usual shouting. "Which would be more human: a dog that acted like a man or a man that acted like a dog?"


  Reese turned around expecting a response, but received a dirty look instead. "I'll just stay quiet until we reach Kaboodle's Noodles."


  "You're staying in Kaboodle's Noodles? Seriously?" 


  Reese put a finger to his lips and smiled. He pointed at a building between two small apartment complexes. He ran to where he was pointing and opened the door soundlessly. As soon as he entered, he regained his usually volume, "Meredith, Theodore, guys, I'm home! And I've brought frien-er..ugh...people!"   
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