Leaving the Shack

Zombie games are out! I guess I should try writing my own story now.
It's about a brother and a sister that have to survive 'zombies' and stuff. Influences from just about anything about zombies and survival. Feedback is appreciated!


1. Corn and Purple Flowers

"Wake up, they're outside. What do we do?" whispered Heather.


Maize rolled to his side and peeked at her from under his woolen blanket. She squatted low to the ground and kept her eye tightly pressed to the small hole in the tin wall. 


"How many of them?" he murmured. 


"Three...they're stepping all over the plants!"


He swung his feet over and nudged her small frame to the right. Looking through the small opening, he spotted two gaunt figures lumbering through the intermittent trees. They stumbled every few steps and coughed up sickly colored mucus onto the soil. Maize pulled away from the hole and asked where the third was. 


Heather motioned to a spot on the opposite side of the tin shack and whimpered. Her eyes became wide and she began to cry.  Maize brought a finger to his lips and patted his younger sister lightly on the head. He pointed at a rope sitting in the corner of the shack, leading outside through a small missing panel. 


Heather nodded and tried to mute her cries. She crawled over to the corner of the room and held onto the end of the rope. Her small hands grasped onto the fraying ends tightly. She was used to the routine, but the thought of the danger her brother goes into makes her worry.


Maize got out of bed and stretched his lean muscles. He hadn't had any disturbances in days, he was anticipated today would go as well as it did the other times. 


He slipped on a sweatshirt and opened the door slowly. He examined the situation and began jogging. As he went, he made sure to catch the attention of the slowly dying things around the encampment by kicking up dirt and waving his arms. He called out to them, "Lovely day for a run, don't you think!" 


The tin shack was in the back of the camp. Behind it was thick forest, in front of it small plots of land with sprouting plants. A path lead through the center of the plots around trees. Maize was making his way along the path and taking his time. Immediately, the men stopped lumbering and began sprinting towards the only source of protein they had seen in weeks; a tall brunette man in a bright yellow sweatshirt flailing his arms like a plastic bag caught in a thunderstorm.


Maize stopped flailing for a moment and waited for the men to get within a few yards of him. He called back to Heather who was leaning out the door holding onto the rope. When she saw him holding his arm up, she pulled on the rope with all her strength. 


A large wooden board in front of Maize began to move and reveal a deep hole. Several dead bodies rested at the bottom of the shabby grave. The men running after Maize did not stop running, their only thought was to catch Maize and consume him. They thoughtlessly fell into the hole and joined the rotting corpses. 


As soon as he heard the satisfying thump, he walked to the other side of the board and pulled it back over the hole. He turned around and grinned at Heather, "Easy as pie!"


She knitted her eyebrows together and mouthed, "That was only two." And frantically pointed at the third man galloping like a madman straight at Maize.


He was tackled to the floor by the skeleton-like monster with a ravenous appetite for human flesh. Its skin was white and pasty, it clung to its bones like webbing. Its lips were swollen and its teeth were rotting. Its head was disfigured from cranial decay and its eyes were discolored. Its nostrils secreted a colorless mucus. Clumpy, viscous discharge fell from its decaying mouth to Maize's bare neck. 


He struggled to keep its jaws from clamping onto his flesh. Heather ran over to him and tried to pry him off of her brother. "Heather, go inside, I have a better chance of handling him, and I don't want you to get hurt!"


Heather, after crying and trying to pull the monster off of Maize, reluctantly ran back into the tin shack. While she anxiously watched through the small hole, he wrestled with the monster to no avail. 


The creature's mouth was getting closer to his nape when it suddenly went flying into a patch of budding tomatoes. "What the fuck are you doing up here?" asked a soft, agitated  voice.   


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