Lustful Desire – Strictly Casual No Commitments!!!

Is there any such thing as a casual relationship? All relationships are based on trust, commitments and the possibility of marriage, here is the story of Terence Johnson who has the illusion that he can love every woman in the world.

He goes about winding women up, making them fall in love and leaving them out to nurse their heartbreaks, although he initially sets out with no ill intentions, but that's so silly don't you think? He does hurt them really bad.

But the interesting thing though is, he encounters women who have been through or are presently going through similar experiences, rejection, abuse, loss of love one etc..

The truth really is


1. Pilot

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Decked in a red casual premium slim fit blazer, a straight fitted blue pant and a black suede loafers to match, Terence Johnson had always been a fashonista from day one, reason being for lack of self confidence while growing up he often thought to low of himself, so he strives to dress to impress to compensate for whatever reasons.


Averagely tall in his mid 20s, with looks that would interest you, won't say he is very good looking but he looks so unique and exotic, he has this face that looks very unfamiliar and to cap it all up he has this charming but yet subtle personality that grows on you with every passing second you spend with him. His eyes are like a mirror to your soul, you can feel it piercing through, his lips so lusciously dark with bright pink on top of it which makes you want to bite or nibble it softly.


Terence was an epitome of black renaissance but doubts and lack of self confidence made him think less of himself, his dad was a successful corporate American figure, his mum a housewife and part time business woman. You see at birth his chances of survival was slim, both his parents had to do everything humanly possible to keep him alive.


But like we all know in life there is always a price for everything, he lived but with just a minor complication and this frustrated and grieved his parents for a little while. Growing up Terence picked up these vibe from them and became scarred for life, he saw himself as a source of pain rather than joy.


Funny thing is both parents loved him so much and he never lacked a thing, unfortunately things started to shape up really bad, Terence’s mum grew ill gradually, at first it was subtle but over the years it worsen. She had a lump on her left breast, she fought for her life for 2 whole years on her sick bed, eventually she became weak and decided to give up.


Routinely Terence, his sisters and dad would go on weekends to pay her a visit at the hospital, but on this day, Terence refused to go in when it was his turn, you see, during the week Terence and his uncle visited her 3 times just to check if she had enough supplies or if she needed anything, so he said I do not feel like going in today I will see her tomorrow as I normally do.


Little did he know, his mum wept at his refusal to come see her, she knew he planned to see her the following day, but she had a different plan. The following day as usual Terence was up at the hospital, on entering the ward where she was in, he noticed people looking at him strangely and all of a sudden he felt this strange vibe, he knew something was wrong.


Out of the blue a woman called out to him and said, son you have to be a man now, make sure you look after your siblings, then it occurred to him, damn..he grew sick to his stomach, on getting to the bed where his mum usually was, it was empty..That moment there on something inside of him died but he never realized it.


As days went on, his whole family was mourning but he felt indifferent like nothing had happened, not because he didn't love his mum, he was closer to his mum than his dad, his dad was always away abroad on business, so he was practically mum's boy. The funeral came and went and life carried on.


His dad remarried twice and the experiences where horrible, one of his step mum even tried to turn his dad against him, Terence was so low at that point in his life and thoughts of running away from home clouded his mind for a while. He was devastated lonely while being part of a family, this experience deepened the previous  scar he had from his earlier childhood memories.


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