Lustful Desire – Strictly Casual No Commitments!!!

Is there any such thing as a casual relationship? All relationships are based on trust, commitments and the possibility of marriage, here is the story of Terence Johnson who has the illusion that he can love every woman in the world.

He goes about winding women up, making them fall in love and leaving them out to nurse their heartbreaks, although he initially sets out with no ill intentions, but that's so silly don't you think? He does hurt them really bad.

But the interesting thing though is, he encounters women who have been through or are presently going through similar experiences, rejection, abuse, loss of love one etc..

The truth really is


3. Heartbreak Rebound

*Spotted* Terence departing Galeao International Airport at Rio De Janeiro, this time around he appears more casual decked in a linen short, Polo Top, a pair of lovely leather boat shoes with a straw hat and hold all bag to match, you could easily mistake him for a drug trafficker.


As he inhales the fresh air or Rio he feels a bit of relief, had the feeling like all his troubles were over, but were they really? Little did he know, most times our problems are inside of us and we rarely ever have a clue, but he did have a temporary sense of relief. Rio has this stress free vibe, the type that can make you forget all your troubles in a hurry.


*Taxi* where you headed sir, 32 carlo de rento Avenue, the atmosphere was so serene, palm trees, lots of beautiful women walking past, Terence got so relaxed, he had not felt so relaxed in a long time, suddenly the cab pulls up, there we are Mr. Thanks....He grabs his bag and walks towards the door.


*Ring Ring* Door opens, hello am Terence, am close friends with Andre am sure he must have informed you of my visit..Oh Oh yes forgive me, am Santos, you are welcome...come on in, I hope you had a nice flight, oh certainly yes indeed he replied. Let me show you around the house, introduce you to everyone and show you your room.


Andre's Mum was from Brazil, his dad met her there when he once travelled there, won her heart and took her to America, so Terence was down at Andre's Mum Family house in Rio..He got introduced to everyone in the house, they had a big dinner to welcome him that night, you see Andre's Mum was the toast of the family she was loved by all so they treated Terence like he was her Son which apparently he was in a way, because of the close relationship Andre and Terence had.


*Monday Morning* Terence had to find his school, he had made an enquiry about a course before he travelled down, he decided to do the course in Brazil, just to get away, he asked for Santos's help and sooner or later he arrived at the school, enrolled and was told he could resume the next day. He retired back to the villa, that evening he decided to go for a walk.


*Spotted*Tuesday Morning* Terence entering his new school lobby, dressed casually in a pair of black slip on shoes, brown straight cut chinos pant and a dark blue Ralph Lauren Polo Top. He locates his class and settles in, takes a look around to familiarise himself with the new faces, he spots a couple of honeys but he is quick to take his mind off them, as he just wants to experience something new and try to avoid all the recent drama he put himself through.


*First Class In Session* I can see a new face here with us today, the lecturer said. Please introduce yourself to us, Am Terence by name and from New York, that's nice the lecturer responded, so what brings you to Rio to study this course then, am sure there are far more better schools in the New York. Well I just wanted to experience something new Terence was quick to say, he sounded like he had something to hide.


As the week progressed Terence grew more comfortable in his new school, then on this faithful day something interesting happened. Tess came into the picture, she was an ebony goddessslim tall with the right curves, perfect cup size breasts, roundly shaped ass, she was the type any guy would kill for, even the the head of the school took a liking to her.


Terence started attending classes 2 to 3 weeks after the course had begun so he had some catching up to do, so he approached Tess and asked if she could help with some previous notes, she willingly agreed to lend him some of her notes. Two days later Terence returned the notes back to Tess, but at that moment she was busy explaining something to someone. So he dropped the notes on her desk and shook her hands saying Thanks, then it happened....What?  


Tess held on to his hand tightly and didn't let go for about a minute or so, he felt chills rolling down his spine, at first he felt it was just a hand shake and she was only trying to be nice, no it wasn't, as she held on tightly to his hand, his heart skipped a beat. In his head he was wondering what the hell was happening, then suddenly it dawned on him, this was not ordinary it was special.


Then after she was done with the person she was with she looked up to Terence and smiled sweetly, he was completely paralysed, he felt like he had been touched by an Angel. She let go and Terence hurriedly left, he had mixed feelings suddenly he felt slightly feverish, his thoughts were muddled up so he decided to go home.


Next day Terence made his way to school and spotted Tess at the lobby, she was looking radiant and glowing as ever, he was tempted to sit and talk on approaching her, but guess what!!!! Hello, how you doing this lovely day he said, Fine thanks she responded, then he walked away. Tess had never encountered a situation like that before, most guys would kill just to stand for 5 mins to talk to her, she felt so humiliated and wished the ground would open and swallow her up.


Her fondness of him grew much stronger, later at the close of school, Terence and his new found friend Adriano were spotted walking to the bus stop to catch a bus when they ran into Tess and a friend, Adriano had noticed the little fiasco between Terence and Tess and he secretly planned to do something about it. So he spotted an opportunity right there.


Terence am sorry buddy I just remembered I have to go somewhere first before heading home, am headed towards Lora's neighbourhood Adriano said, Lora was the friend walking with Tess, so why don't you and Tess go together am sure she won't mind, Do you mind Terence asked, well where are you headed she asked, just home.


Quickly Adriano jumped in the convo and said why don't you both head to his place and get to know each other better then, am sure it would be nice, Tess felt awkward a bit, not because she didn't want to but because it was coming from Adriano. Do you mind then Terence asked in a mellow tone, Mmmm I think I can do that she responded casually.


They all parted ways, Terence and Tess headed to his place, in his head he felt he was dreaming, things seemed to be moving rather magically, he had never experienced anything like this before, he never thought of himself as extremely good looking, so all this was surprising to him. They reached the villa and Terence took her straight to his room because he wanted to avoid the households been nosey in his affair.


All of a sudden they were both seated on his bed, staring at each other, then Tess asked what's on your mind, you look confused, he responded nothing, then he reached for a kiss, she responded and they engrossed themselves in a passionate French kiss. He started to fondle her breast then slowly he started rubbing her laps gently slowly working his way up to the inner parts of her thighs.


Then she held his hand and said no, he asked what's wrong, she responded nothing, just feel it's to soon, let's take it slow, Nothing wrong with us exploring our wildest fantasies right now, I know you feel if you let me have it now you would come off as cheap and easy he said. Well not really she was quick to say, although that was exactly what was going through her head.


Then what is it he asked!! I do not know, please don't force it she said, then he pulled her head up and looked her in the eyes, you have nothing to worry about, I will never disrespect you, not my style I will always treat you right and respect you no matter what happens. You promise she asked..Absolutely he responded


He slowly layed her down, slowly he took off her top and behold a lovely sight, her body was a work of heart, he caressed her while she moaned softly saying please do not disrespect me, do not take advantage repeatedly, she had never given in to a guy so quickly, so she was a bit worried.


You have nothing to worry about he responded as he took of her skirt, then he kissed on her navel and took off her panties, they both climaxed and collapsed on the bed right next to each other, they both could feel their hearts racing, running out of breath, the atmosphere was intense in a good way, it felt like they ran a 200 meter race and back.


It was oh so beautiful, as he held her firmly in his arms, her mind was at ease and she layed her head on his chest, she could hear his heart thumping, if you had seen her face that day you would have asked her if she won a lottery, her face was so bright and she had a priceless smile on her face, she couldn't remember the last time she had such awesome sex.


It was time for her to leave, she got up went to the bathroom to freshen up, Terence joined her shortly with the intention of having a quickie, wow she said in excitement as he grabbed her by the waist and bent her over holding her hands from behind to support her.


The next day she was up early in school, Terence occasionally to was early sometimes, so on getting to the class she was alone, Hello Terence, Hello Tess, he bent over and kissed her, hmmm you are spoiling me she responded after the kiss, he laughed.


Terence was smooth with the ladies, he knew how to love and care for them to a fault, I guess it was a gift he was blessed with. I had a really nice time yesterday she said, I did to, it was mind blowing he responded, she looked around, then she jumped on his laps and whispered in Terence's ears, am feeling naughty now, hmmm he responded, suddenly they heard a bunch of people talking walking down the lobby towards the class, let's save this for later he said in a disappointing tone.


The lust between Terence and Tess was so intense, during class they kept peeping at each other, hoping the class would end any time soon, suddenly the lecturer gave a quick 5 mins break, who has a spare pen, Terence asked, I will get you one Tess responded as she stood up to go to the next class to get one, everyone in the class was shocked.


*Rants* That’s strange, why would Tess be so concerned to the extent of going out of her way to get Terence a pen some people in the corner asked themselves looking puzzled, she is never like that with anyone, she hardly even gives guys in class a second look. Something must be going on they said as the rants continued..


Finally that day lectures were over, Tess said to Terence, am coming over today, you are more than welcome he said to her, but I will join you at home later though, I do not want this chatterbox all up in our business, so lets pretend like nothing is happening, awesome he responded, gossipers ruin everything he added.


Back at the villa, Terence was trying to catch a break, when he heard a knock on the door, come on in, that was rather quick, he responded with a bit of surprise, well I was actually behind you all the way, keeping a 5 step apart distance, they both laughed. She grabbed him by the neck and started kissing him, slowly they ended up in bed.


This time she hurriedly took off her cloths, Terence was astonished as he stood watching her for a minute, he was lost in time, she was built like a model, tall, slim curvy brown caramel skin beauty, here eyes were little and cute like that of the Asians, Her breasts where the perfect size like cupcakes pointing at you saying lick me, her hips, slightly curved with a perfectly round shaped bum


Terence, what's the matter she asked, oh dear, have never seen a girl as pretty as you before he responded, she lowered her head as she blushed. Suddenly Terence felt a surge of blood flow to his penis as he became harder than he had ever been, he was so horny he lifted her off the bed and put her against the wall, with her hands wrapped around his shoulders and back against the wall, he started to jack her up in the air.


Moment's later they were lying next to each other, am so fond of you, you grow on me by the minute, all the time I just want to be with you she said, really he said, yes really she concluded. I liked you the very first day I set my eyes on you she added, how so he asked in awe, well I guess I just have a thing for guys like you, plus you proved yourself to me.


Interesting tell me more, he said anxiously, well you are not like the other guys around here for sure, I see he replied, yeh most of them would hit on me at the slightest possible chance, she said, well guys hit on girls daily it's a normal routine nothing special about it he responded. Yes true but most tend to overdo it, but even when you had the opportunity to you never did, you just acted cool calm and collected.


Remember the day I was alone in the hall when you said hi talked for a minute walked past me? That day I was actually expecting you to sit and talk but you didn't I almost pulled my hair out. You snubbed me, it was a rudening shock, I never imagined in a million years any guy would do that to me. Any of the guys here would have been glad to even talk to me for that little time you ditched me.


Well for starters am not from around here, secondly I didn't see any reason why I should have sat and talked to you that day he said, *although he planned it*, Terence was a crafty dude, and he could be really manipulative when he wanted to



I have something serious to tell you, Tess said to Terence, for a moment flash backs began to occur in his head, he could remember when he told Dolly he had something to tell her as well, but this time he was on the receiving end, so he knew it couldn't be good. But although he said to himself inside his head, am not dating her at least so what's the worse that could happen!!!!


Thing is I have not really been upfront with you she said, well I am in a serious relationship with a guy just like you, you both share lots of things in common, same taste in music, your dressinglooks and so on she sighed!!! Wow Terence responded, in his head he was like what the hell, he kept quiet for a little while trying to process what he just heard.


This Sucks, Tess was in a committed serious relationship with John her boyfriend of many years who is a banker dedicated and married to his Job, he hardly spent time with Tess, not because he didn't want to, but he just couldn't, he was a young man trying to work his way up the corporate ladder.


These type of situations we all know are one of the most common causes of marriage or relationship failures, Tess was the passionate type that needed to be treated with utmost care and tenderness, she was wild, voracious and had lots of fantasies, she was very much active in bed as well. John sincerely loved her and she knew it, but she had Untamed needs.


Things were even more delicate for Tess because she couldn't leave him, they had a long history together, John was there for her through the thick and thin, when she had no one or place to turn to, he supported her and cared for her, all this she couldn't just throw away just to satisfy her urges.


This is big, Terence said, after a brief silent moment, so I technically just slept with another dudes girlfriend and to make things worse, it's not like you and him have issues you are trying to resolve or you gave each other a break, everything is perfectly fine between the both of you. Don't Look at it that way she responded.


*Phone Rings* Hello Baby, how is it going? Well am fine, still at school, trying to finish this paper I have been working on as I have to turn it in by tomorrow she said, winking at Terence, he bows his head in shame. OK Hun, talk to you later, love you she ended the call. This is messed up Terence raised his voice a bit, I know it is she responded, but don't blame me for loving you as well.


Wow so now you love me Terence asked furiously, yes right from the first time I set my eyes on you she responded, oh listen to yourself he said in an agitated state, baby its the truth, I can't explain why am so attracted to you I wish I wasn't, I never meant to complicate things. Well I don't think I can do this any more he responded, you have to leave now any ways it's getting late.


Next day in school Terence was quiet and kept to himself, Tess walks up to him, Hello dear, hope you slept well last night, I didn't because of what happened between us she said in a mellow tone. Terence paused, his desires kicked in, afterall he wasn't up for a relationship he thought to himself. You see he was always blinded by his desires. Fine he responded after the pause, I was up for a bit to because of that but I managed to sleep afterwards.


*Fast forward to later that day* *Bed squeaking noise*Deeper Deeper.. she says as she put her arms around his neck and holds on to him firmly. Moments later they both collapsed on the bed side to side panting and gasping for air. OK I think we need to talk now Terence said in a convincing tone as he sat up, have thought this through and I think it's best we call it quits.


Tess couldn't believe her ears, really she said soberly, but we can make it work she responded, are you kidding me Terence also responded, you are in a serious relationship with a dude who loves you and you love him and you want to date me as well, what on earth is that he asked furiously. Baby I am confused myself she responded boldly.


Well I wasn't looking to get into any serious relationship to be honest Terence said, plus am not from around here, I will be heading to my country sooner or later, well you can take me with you Tess responded, am sorry I didn't come here for that, I just needed to be away for a while he said in an unconvincing tone. I really do like and want to be with you she responded, OK if you were to choose between me and him, who is it going to be?


I can't choose either of you to be honest, it would be very difficult for me she said in a convincing tone, but I certainly know I can't just leave him, well there you have it, Terence said, you should forget about me and stay with him, OK but I will find you wherever you are it doesn't work with him she said with a more sober tone.


There and then Terence was supposed to cut off from her but he didn't his confused desires set in, then in his head this little rant went on.


Well apparently you never wanted a relationship, all you wanted was sex, why not just play along, enjoy it while it lasts. What will you stand to lose?


But his better self was urging him to cut off, so it was a battle between the good and the bad, Terence's Confused Desires were so strong, he broke down. I want to be with you as well Terence finally responded, deep down he knew he was headed for disaster, he could feel it in his bones but his guards were so weak he felt helpless.


Moments later Terence was on top of her, he couldn't get enough of her, Tess to felt the same way, but strangely Tess was so attached to him in such a short period of time, she couldn't comprehend.


Hmmm I think this has to do with Terence's sweet nature, allure and personality, you see Terence is a good guy that does unfortunate and bad things most of the time.


So tell me how naturally sexy can that be, later that night Tess got home and rang Terence, Hello Tess hope you got home safely, Yes I did she responded, Terence I can't explain how you are making me feel, am confused, am heads over heels for you, I can't help it she said in a very mushy tone. That's huge he responded, he could feel her sincerity and passion, this was no ordinary feeling, he knew he was screwed because he never wanted this.


The next day after classes Tess wanted to go home with Terence but he didn't want her to, she almost started crying right in front of him, really he responded, I just want to be around you all the time she responded, yes I know he said, but you need your space to sometimes as well, no am fine she responded as she cringed on to him.


Tess was becoming so obsessed with Terence, to the point where she could easily read him like a book, times he tried to hide things from her, he just couldn't because she had become to attached to him and could figure him out just like that. Feelings you know grows over time, Terence's feelings where piling up just to explode sooner or later and he had no clue.


Well Karma most times is a dish served cold, why do I say that, well as time goes on you would find out, just hang in there.


Occasionally Terence would ask about John. Tess's boyfriend, just to know if Tess is planning on leaving him, that he didn't want, so he would say to her, am just a mirage, you should hold on to him, one day I will be gone. The more he said those things to push her away the more her feelings for him grew.


The sex between them grew more passionate with every encounter, they were a perfect match, any time Terence kissed her, she would close her eyes with so much tenacity you would almost believe she was about to cry, during sex she would hold on tight to him and never want to let go, every sex felt like her last so she wanted to have it all.


One of one those days when  Terence was seeing Tess off to the stop to catch a bus home this happened. I have been wanting to tell you this Tess said in a sober tone, seems all we do is have sex nothing more, you never take me out maybe to lunch or dinner or to the movies or something, Terence sighed!!!! Well am not one to treat a lady this way, but I honestly do not want to create any impressions he said finally.


What impression, she asked looking curious, well am not trying to be your boyfriend or perhaps steal you from your boyfriend, he said quickly. Oh I see, she responded, but at least taking me out as a friend once in a while wouldn't hurt she responded, you are right he said, but only just to stop the conversation.


Then over the next couple of days, she observed him, but nothing changed, was same old routine, meet up after classes have hot sex talk a bit, and head home. It was more like a deja vu, soon Tess was becoming fed up, she wanted more, life is funny really, you can't possibly eat your cake and have it. Yes she had a good man who loved her but couldn't spend enough time with her, and on the other hand Terence was there for her but couldn't offer more than sex because he wasn't really interested in a relationship.


It was a two way street, Tess was getting fed up, Terence was having a blast, using her to satisfy his sexual urges whenever he wanted, she was enjoying it to, but wanted more, women always want more don't they, it's natural and I can relate with that. The occasional indirect pushing away from Terence was increasingly demotivating Tess as well.


*Panting* oh that was intense, Tess said under deep breathes, as they lie next to each other, the course is coming to an end what are your plans she asked. Well am heading back to New York, he responded, would you come back for the next course, I know it's optional though she asked once again. Well no he said authoritatively.


*Sobs* You haven't been supportive or willing in this whole affair thing she said, it's not fair, it's not my fault I feel in love with you, well what's really not fair is that you have got a man who loves you and has done nothing wrong to deserve any of this, how do you think he would feel if he finds out about any of this he asked in shame.


Well I wouldn't want to be in this situation or have someone do this to me he was quick to say, but really now is Terence just been stupid, emotional or evil, he feels remorse but yet he stills indulge in it, so tell me how does that happen?


Soon the course came to an end and Terence left just like he said, Tess was so devastated  she purposely stayed away from him during the period the course ended up until he left, she just couldn't handle it and he understood.


*8:45 pm* *Spotted* Terence departing JFK Airport, feels so good to be home, as he took his first breathes after been away for a year and 6 months, he felt liberated a bit, but there was a hole inside of him he could feel it, same feeling he had couple of years back, same old feeling just another day.


But this time it was worse, something was about to hit him harder than he expected, Ohhhh!!!! Trust me on this one it was pretty messed up. I personally wouldn't wish this on myself or anyone I knew, seriously, but karma like they say is a bitch, and oh yes it is, most definitely, right now I can feel my heart thumping and beating at a 130 beat per second, trust me that's not good. So what’s the fuss about?


Terence's feeling had grown so deep for Tess overtime and had been bottled up, while he was with her he could justify why it was pointless, but being apart made him ponder and reflect on it and he had to come to terms with it. Well at first it thought it was not a problem since he could always keep in touch and now he was willing to give the whole thing a try, because his heart was on the line, but little did he know.


*Phone Rings* Hello Tess, Terence here, Oh Hi she responded, well how are you doing, he asked, well I know it's been a few days, but just wanted to let you know I arrived safely and am all settled, good for you she responded, well sorry I have to go now got some things to do. Terence had to pinch himself, he couldn't believe what just happened.


While he was gone, Tess had the time to ponder and reflect on the whole fiasco, she had concluded there was no point since Terence wasn't interested and she couldn't afford to loose the beautiful relationship she had going on with John, so Terence had died to her as far as she was concerned.


Terence's nightmares had just begun, the next day he rang but she never picked up, he rang for days and dropped messages but there was no response, all he could think of was her, day and night he wondered if she was ok, he missed her so much, his feelings had exploded, and he was exposed to a heart break which became eminent later on.


Next thing you know, he started considering the optional course and was thinking about going back, all he could think of was her, to make matters worse he had a fallout with his step mum, the scandal was so big he got fed up, there and then he made up his mind to go back and fight for Tess, his feelings were becoming unbearable.


He never realized the impact she had on him until now, he was living in denial all the while he was with her, now he was hung out pretty much dry, so he started making plans to head back, he got enrolled for the optional course and headed back to Rio.


*10:45 pm* *Phone Rings* Tess picks up her mobile and looks surprised , this is strange she said to herself, Hello she responded, Hello Terence here, Oh Hi, was wondering immediately I picked my phone and saw the number I knew you were back, she said, yeh I just got into town now, I finally enrolled for the course, but I really came back for you baby.


To bad she responded, but am happy for you on your enrolment on this course, you will do well you are a smart cookie she said, welcome back, got to go thanks for the call. She hung up, Terence didn't really budge, he just felt she was pissed with him and that sooner or later she would come around...Ohhhhhhhh!!!!! Little did he know.


Terence got back just about a few weeks before the start of the course, so he had a bit of time of his side, he thought he could have some fun, but his fun turned into nightmares, he tried reaching Tess for days but she wouldn't respond or return his calls or messages. Then it dawned on him, he was in a deep mess.


Terence went running to Aunt Emily for help, he couldn't take it anymore, She was andre's mums younger brothers wife, she lived in the family villa with her husband, it was an apartment complex. She and Terence bonded quickly, unknowing to them they were born on the same day and month but different years she was 10 years older than him.


Terence my dear what's wrong, Emily asked as they both sat down at the porch of her apartment, nothing he responded with a sober tone, come off it, we are alike you can't hide anything from me and you know it she said out of curiosity, well women issues he replied, Oh dear she sighed!!!!


what have you done this time, did you impregnate a girl she asked in a cheeky tone, no aunt he responded, then he explained his affair with Tess to her, she almost fell out her chair, so you mean to tell me you have been sleeping with another guy's girlfriend, shame on you she said in an harsh tone.


You are better than that, she said almost getting furious. Well aunt, I didn't intend to, we had slept together before she told me really, so she was sneaky as well and wanted it as bad as I did, she roped me in. Well you are right about that she responded, but you should have opted out the moment you realized. Yes I did want to, but I was weak he responded, I feel you she replied.


So aunt really I thought I could just have fun and get away with it, I didn't put my heart into it, It was all sports to me, I never knew I would fall for her eventually, she did fall for me but I didn't then, so now I have fallen for her but she doesn't want me any more, so am screwed basically. You are in deep now and have been left out dry she responded.


Well nothing you can do, other than move on, because she has a man, only way you can get her back is to prove to her you want her to leave her boyfriend for you, she said, no way am not willing to go down that road, I just got caught up in my own game Terence responded, well that will teach you a valuable lesson, the heart does whatever it wants to no matter how hard you try she said.


So do yourself a favour move on, find another girl, she said, well I wish it was that simple he responded, well its all a phase you will get past it, it's part of life's ups and downs she responded. Come here, as she opened her arms wide to hug him and kissed him on the forehead. Terence felt a bit of relief and closure, in a split second he got carried away, he grabbed her bum.


Terence was weak and subjected to his desires, he was a slave to his desires, the more he tried to fight it the more it grew out of control, he had been eyeing Aunt Emily for sometime ever before they bonded and got to know each other, she was a full blown matured woman with thick curves and body, just the way he liked it, she was so damn pretty and so many times he had imagined in his head having sex with her.


Terence control yourself, do not let your desires control you, you are in charge, she said while she took his hands off her bum, am so sorry aunt I do not know what came over me he responded in a remorse tone, its OK Terence she responded, I know you so well, I promise it will never happen again he responded, I know she said with a smile on her face.


You have have had that thought in your head for sometime even before we got to know each other, I have been observing you, the way you looked at me then, so you just had to release the tension and notion, I know you won't do it again she said in a bold tone. Am so sorry Aunt he said once again feeling so ashamed. Oh my dear it's OK really she said. Don't even worry about it.


The course started, and Terence had hoped being together in class would make things easier for him, but Tess had made up her mind and was strong willed, one of her very strong attributes, in class he would try to make eye contact with her but to no avail, she always kept her face straight and focused, it was killing him inside, he couldn't concentrate in class.


All he thought of was her all day, immediately classes were over she would quickly head on home or excuse herself just to make sure she had no direct contact or alone time with him, Terence's life was becoming very unbearable, so many times he would say hello to her in a bid to get her attention, but she would respond politely and cut him. Then on  this very day he got a chance to talk to her briefly, Hello Tess, please I would like to talk to you by the end of class today, if you really did love me like you claimed before do not leave me out dry.


Tess really did love him but in life sometimes you have to make sacrifices, so she met him at the close of class, Hi Tess, been a while Terence said in a mellow tone, yeah it has she responded, I have missed you so much he continued, please stop all this she quickly interrupted, what have you got to say. He tried to kiss her but she resisted, Wow I can't believe this he responded, then Tess couldn't conceal her feelings any longer she blurted out.


Terence you know I really do love you, do you know how hard it was for me to let go, do you not think I suffer in silence, it is harder for me than it is for you she said, I understand baby he responded, but we can make it work, I came back for you. No sorry I am no more willing to go down that road any more she replied.


You were right from the start you know she said boldly, I shouldn't have done what I did, and now am making amends before it's to late, so you should learn to live with that, Terence was struck and dumbfounded, he could not believe his ears.


Well now am sure he understood how Dolly felt when he broke her heart


Soon as he got home that evening, he packed his bags and left. There was not more left for him there other than pain, frustration and loneliness.

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