Next Door Neighbours

Ashley moves with her dad after a pass of her mother from cancer. When the Next door Neighbour Justin comes over and invite Ashley and her dad Dave for Dinner Ashley Falls For Him And Starteds hanging out with him every day.


2. Im Popular And i have a bf


we walk into and i told the boys to go get some food I wanna to do a handstand so i did the boys walk in and said

Boys: OH MY GOD 

I walk over to them 

All the mouth were drop 


i got down and smiled i put justin hands on my butt and kiss him i fell "jerry" grow bigger and bigger and harder i stop kissing him he look at me and said

Justin: is this a dream

Ashley: yes it is not

i smiled at him and he smiled 

we watch a movie they sat in front of we and justin and when the movie was over the guys look back at us and we were making out they all said


i look at them and smiled

*AT 7:30 AT NIGHT*

We were all bored so i said

Ashley: Lets Play Spin the bottle

Guys: Sure

we got a beer bottle that was justin dad it was my turn i spin the bottle and i got Jayden 

Ashley: Jayden

But The Thing about this game was it was not just kiss it was make out i stood up and when to jayden and you no what happend next justin spin and got me he was sitting next to me so i climbed on him and we made out he grab my ass and we did not stop the guys tap me i said

Ashley: ok 1 min

i pulled away and justin did not want to stop and i stared kissing his neck and bit him and he said

Justin: Ouch!

Ashley: don't say that you know you like it

Justin smiled at me 

*AT 10:30*

I got a little tired but i was good me and justin when to the washroom and he pick me up and sat me on the sink and kiss me 


the guys walk in to the washroom and saw us

Ashley: We got a room

Cameron: ok im going to leave this room 

Jayden: same here

Justin and i stay laughing and we walk back and i said ok boys out im changing cameron,jayden and justin left and i pull justin in i change in front of him i but on a tube top bar and sweat pants and justin got a boner and the guys came in and look at me all of then were looking at me and i said

Ashley: Stop!

they all laugh and we all went to bed


Justin: is she ok 

Cameron: i dont know 

Jayden: she looks dead

Ashley: It cus im awake 

I open my eyes they all look away

Ashley: Morning Sexy

All The guys look 

Ashley: i was talking to justin

Justin: Morning baby

i pulled justin and kissed him i stuck my tongue in his mouth and he got a boner i pulled away and i said

Ashley: Calm Down

we both laugh and the guys did to me and justin talk for a few mins and then we got up and got dress i could fell justin's eyes on me and i had no bra on and i turned around and justin eyes were huge and i walk to him and he pick me up and pin me to the bed justin had not shirt on so it felt good to be with my boyfriend i loved him so much the guys walk in and justin did not move and the guys said

Guys: Omg Sorry Were Leave

Ashley: Stay For the show

Justin: no you guys leave be out in 15

i laugh 

i got up and put on the tube top i was wearing last night and some short shorts justin was trying to hold in his boner but it did not work we held hand and went out side and my dad was standing there and he come over to me and give me a hug i said

Ashley: Hey Dad

Dad: hey hunny

Ashley: So whats up

Dad: Nothing just wanna to know when you were going to be home?

Ashley: Sunday

Dad: Ok

My Dad Left and  me,justin and the guys drove to the store for pop,chips and popcorn

*5:00 OCLOCK*

We all did are homework it was really easy It Was 5:15 and we all starting drinking pop and justin got some beer from his dads stack


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