Babe in Boyland

My names Bailey Malik, and no im not married to Zayn. Im his younger sister. im 17. I have long black hair that goes somewhat pst my collar bone, with blue eyes. Im like zayn..... in a way. Im what you call them badasses. You will find me breaking the rules and law on regular bases. I have never meet the rest of one direction. I have heard their music. i hate it. Zayn thinks im an angel. he has never seen me do anything bad, at least not yet...


3. Sex Doll

   The only person that ever loved me. The boy with curly hair and green eyes. His eyes meet mine and I froze. I quickly snapped back to reality. "Bailey this is Niall, Liam, Louis and-" he introduced. "Harry I know" I said flatly. "How do you know him"Zayn asked. "Long story" I replied. It really wasn't but, I dot want to talk about it. We sat at a table. On the right aside was Liam, Niall and Harry. Across from them was Louis, Zayn, and me. Niall asked about me, so I told him the good things. I caught Harry staring at my chest. "Hey curly my face is up here" I snapped. "C'mon Bailey" he said. I rolled my eyes. "Will you stop!? I was just your sex doll" my eyes got watery i stood up and walked out.

    I sat aginsed a pole. Tears were going down my face. People just walked by like they did not see me crying. Your probably wondering what happened between me and Harry. Well, this is what happened.


    3 years ago me and Harry were at his house. His mom was gone out of town. "I love you" Harry said.  "I love you too" I replied. Harry leaned me back on his bed. He kissed me. He made it deeper and deeper. H soon kissed my neck. He started unbuttoning my jeans. "Harry" I said in effort to stop him. "Trust me" he mumbled gained my neck. "But-" "trust me" he said fiercely. So I let him continue. We soon had all out clothes off and he fucked me. That happened every day for a week.

   One time, I was coming out the bathroom. H was on the phone. He was talking to someone "oh heck no! I dot love her! She's good sex,  nice body too". As soon as I heard that, I dumped him. I ran to my house. Not only did he take my virginity, but who I was too. I went home and threw out every last girly thing I had. From that moment on I was the badass I am today. 

                                                     *end of flashback*

  Zayn came outside looking for me. Once he found me he sat by me. He asked what happened. I told him everything. He was a little pissed ill admit. He hugged me. I hugged him back tightly. I lightly cried on his shoulder remembering  everything that happened. He rubbed my back. When my tears dried i fixed my makeup. "Fapachino on me"? He asked. I nodded. He chuckled. He always knew how to cheer me up. We went inside. He got my drink. We sat back down like nothing had happened.                           

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