Babe in Boyland

My names Bailey Malik, and no im not married to Zayn. Im his younger sister. im 17. I have long black hair that goes somewhat pst my collar bone, with blue eyes. Im like zayn..... in a way. Im what you call them badasses. You will find me breaking the rules and law on regular bases. I have never meet the rest of one direction. I have heard their music. i hate it. Zayn thinks im an angel. he has never seen me do anything bad, at least not yet...


1. school

Beep Beep Beep

i shut off my alarm. i stretched and sat up. Today will be my last day in this hellhole called school. why? you will see. I walked to my closet. i got dressed in my red and black snake print jeans, greenday shirt, topped off with combat boots and a ufc hat. Its my fvorite hat. it was red, with a black chain fence and barbed wire. i brush my hair and go downsayn was up and put me out  gin blueberry muffin with orange juice. i started eating. soon zayn sat next to me. "when are you leaving bradfort again" i asked? i started drinking. "two days" he sheishly attmitted. i did a spit-take. "WHAT THE HELL"! I'm sorry He mumbled. Whatever I said rudely. I got up brush my teeth and grab my backpack Slamming the door on my way out.  I walk to school. I went to my only friends ray and Sam. That's not their real names that's just what I call them.  Ray His real name is Richard. Middle name is Adam Last name yeti. See what I did there huh? Then there is my friend Sam  Real names Samantha. But that's a goody two shoes name. I smiled brightly when I saw the egg cartons in their hands. We walked over to the principal black Dodge truck. I took a egg carton from Sam. We began chucking the eggs all over the car. Then I got the red spray paint out of my backpack I wrote Fuck you. Then all of us ran away. I walked to my locker. I So my backpack in my locker, Then shoved gum in my mouth. I slammed the locker shot and walked to my first period class.

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