Babe in Boyland

My names Bailey Malik, and no im not married to Zayn. Im his younger sister. im 17. I have long black hair that goes somewhat pst my collar bone, with blue eyes. Im like zayn..... in a way. Im what you call them badasses. You will find me breaking the rules and law on regular bases. I have never meet the rest of one direction. I have heard their music. i hate it. Zayn thinks im an angel. he has never seen me do anything bad, at least not yet...


2. Punishment

I had history with mr.cox. Yes hilarious. I put my feet on the desk in front of me.

teach: ____. Put your feet down

me: Nope 

I rolled my eyes and he continued teaching. Some girls behind me was saying how ugly my outfit was. I extend to scratch my head but really I was giving thebird. Hey gas and I laughed. 

Teach:___ What did I just say 

me: You said ___ What did I just say

You ignoring my comment and continue teaching. 

A while later I raise my hand. He seemed surprised and excited. 

Teach: yes ___

me: Are you sure your name is not dick Since your last name is cox

The class laugh.  He turned red. 

Teach: ___ Hallway now 

me: I don't know that the hallway I said sarcastically. 

Teach: And spit out the gum 

I got up and walked to his desk. I took out the gum and stuck it on his papers. Then I walked out without another word. My Locker was across the hallway so I opened it up. I got my red spray and I wrote  Every cuss Word in the book On the lockers. The principal came down the hallway shit I mumbled. But then to really large men dressed in black Picked me up Buy each arm and carried me to the principals office. The principal called Zayn to pick me up. Hey told him everything I have ever done. Now I am banded from all the schools in Bradford. Yes ha ha
More school. Zayn looked pissed. I'm so sorry he said apologizing. He grabbed my hand and yanked me into the parking lot. I saw my friends. They gave me a thumbs up. What the hell were you thinking? He asked.  Chill zayn it's my last year of school. True, but punishment you're coming on tourwith me in the band. I groaned great. Six months five boys one girl. At least when I meet them I asked. Well a meeting at Starbucks tonight so I guess you can meet them then. I nodded. We hopped in the car and he started to drive home. Soon we arrived at the house. I went straight to my room. I went to my closet and put on a black crop top shirt With fancy strings hanging down from it with Jules on it. Black shorts that had spikes on them, Topped off with black tall boots. I fixed my hair neatly and walk downstairs. We hopped in the car and went to Starbucks We casually walked in. What is he doing here?

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