Caution... Rant Alert

Hey readers, this Movella is based on things that drive me and my possible readers insane. So if you would like to help me out with writing this, comment one or more of your pet peeves below and I will add it to my Movella. This is NOT meant to offend anybody and if you are offended I apologize in advance and please don't hate!


2. Instagram Photos

                Instagram Photos
     It really irks me how these beautiful looking girls in my school say (and I quote) "I hate when people take pictures of me! I'm too ugly!" I absolutely despise these girls; and I will tell you why.

     They say that they are ugly and they all hate having pictures taken of them. Well, if you look on their Instagram, they have 108 pictures and most are of them! I have a friend that is like this.

     She has 105 selfies. I'm just like, Isn't this ironic how she HATES pictures of herself, yet she's got loads of pictures of her on Instagram. 

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