Daughter Of The Lord and Lover Of The Servent

This Girl is named Lena and she Is Tom riddles only daughter and she has had a crush on Draco Malfoy and Draco just know met her in the Mannor and wondering who she is but when her father comes in and hugs her he knows perfectly after they get talking there maybe a relationship bubbling once she kisses him what will happen then huh do you know or do you want to find out this is also going to their futer together as do you know what will happen and will anyone else find out she is a riddle or will it be a secret forever and she can change it befog anyone realises.... Thank you Love.... LILY MALFOY AND CINDY MALFOY


1. Prolog

Hello I am Lena .... Lena Rose Riddle I am the only child to the Dark Lord aka Daddy and this is my 6 year at Hogwarts and I have had this crush on one of Daddy's servant's Son My Muther is Dead and her name was Rose Juno Luchen a very high rank with my Daddy and they are all very close to me anyway I am in Slythren and my Daddy got me a kitten for it I have a Owl Juno  she's very Beautiful   and then My daddy got me a Kitten she's also Perfect  her name is Tiggra and then there is also my hair I have Black hair and snake eye slits but the colour is Green with hints of Red in it and my Daddy calls Me Sky for short as my nickname and I am Brilliant at Quaiditch And I have the best broom Fire Bolt 3001 no one has it and its ligthbrown with a green tip   and more then anything my Family is all PURE-BLOOD my Daddy is proud of me I started showing sines at about 3 and that's when daddy started teaching me with  his wand my wand but know I have my own its Black with a serpent going down and at the bottom has a rose at it and the rose opens each time I touch it and the serpent moves and if someone but me touches it  shows out spikes and pricks them hard and it has everyone of the most powerful course  Unicorn Hair Phinox feather Dragon Hart Baskilats Poison Giant Hair and last but not least fire string the most Powerful middle there is I have the most powerful wand even more then Albus Domboldoor himself   its made out of every wood you can think of and I am very powerful by the magic I can and my daddy can so he's very prod of me and I am to. Anyway if you think about it I have been invisible from everyone I make good grades and I have a bad audited to anyone who's not daddy I also love animals and love reading and magic so I also love Butter beer and Snap loves me more then anyone in the class that's why he doesn't call on me or cause my daddy is his lord but this year I think I can handle it  My Daddy is also very good to this women Bellatrix I don't like her at all so I will kill her if she try's to take me from my spot as 2 in command and I love daddy for giving it to me iv had it since daddy started teaching me.This is ME Lena in my 6 year at Hogwarts so shall we  

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