Daughter Of The Lord and Lover Of The Servent

This Girl is named Lena and she Is Tom riddles only daughter and she has had a crush on Draco Malfoy and Draco just know met her in the Mannor and wondering who she is but when her father comes in and hugs her he knows perfectly after they get talking there maybe a relationship bubbling once she kisses him what will happen then huh do you know or do you want to find out this is also going to their futer together as do you know what will happen and will anyone else find out she is a riddle or will it be a secret forever and she can change it befog anyone realises.... Thank you Love.... LILY MALFOY AND CINDY MALFOY


5. OMG A/U

OKAY HEY EVERYONE you do know their oldest is Scorpios so yea he is in their he is in his 5 year and is dateing Lily Potter suprize suprize....Okay down to the point  2 new carecters for the sequl Oh yea the name of the two carecters are Taylor and Angie TAylor is Gorges daughter and Angie is Freds daughter they look the same RedishBrown hair and BIg BLue eyes the only thing diffrent bettwen them is one is Freds dfaughte rthe Others Gorges and they bouth love troblue like their dads they also want to own the joke shop after their done they are both in 2 year and their BAdass girls with their trices even more awsome then their DAds DADD^YS PRINCESS RELLY DO COME OUT TODAY!!!!

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