Baby Bieber (Sequel to Justin's Girl)

I'm in my 9th month of carrying Justin's baby. Justin is now heading on Tour, which is not helping me at all. We fought about it many times but the decision was finally; he was leaving. Do I go with him? Is the baby a boy or a girl? Does our love last? Does he choose his music over his family?


8. Chapter 8

    December 24, 2012 (Christmas Eve/ 3 days later)

  I sat on the couch with the baby in my arms as I fed her. It's been 3 days since she was born. I got to bring her home today, and it was perfect timing. Who knew her first Christmas would be 4 days after she was born, and without her dad. Joey was supposed to be coming back to my house to help me out. He drove me back to the house earlier today and he left because he said he needed to pick up someone. So I guess he's bringing over a friend, which I'm okay with but Id prefer it to be quite. I was still sore, and tired but I was overly excited about bringing Miley home for the first time.

  I held the bottle up so she could drink it and I watched as he eyes were crimpled shut, which made me smile. A tear slipped down my cheek when she opened them for a quick second and they were brown just like Justin's. "I love you," I whispered to her then planted a kiss on her soft head that had very small blonde hairs on it. When she was done with her bottle, I burped her then put her in her rocker that was in her small room up stairs but I carried it down stairs so I could keep a eye on her. I laid on the couch as I watched her kick her legs a couple times, then she seemed to fall a sleep but you can't be sure. I turned on the television and it was on the news, which I never watch but I seen it was about the flights that were shipped the other day.

  I examined the flight numbers and locations to see if Justin's plane landed because I guess it was snowing really bad. My eyes locked on the flight number: 142, location: North America/ From: Canada. Justin was on that, I hope he's alright. Right then I heard a knock on the door, which made me jump. "Just a minute!," I said slowly getting off the couch and walking to the door. But when I got to the door my phone rang. I sighed, "Sorry just a minute". I rushed over to the phone and answered it.


  "Answer the door," a voice demanded.

  "Who's this?"

  "Who do you think it is?," the man giggled. It kinda sounded like Justin when he tries to pull off a manly voice.

  I smirked, "Justin?"

  "Correct!," he said going back to his normal voice. I froze and turned around to the door, he said, 'answer the door'. He's here? I dropped the phone and ran to the door and swung it open. I stood there as I seen Joey smiling and Justin beside him doing the same thing. I felt tears form in my eyes as I ran into his arms and hugged him. It was freezing outside, but I didn't care. He hugged me just as tight as I did him.

  "What are you doing back?," I said whipping the tears from my eyes that threatened to fall.

  "Are you not happy to see me?," he joked. I smirked and grabbed his hand and pulled him inside. Joey followed in and shut the door behind him.

  "I'm more than happy. Even tho it's only been a week or so I missed you so much. I thought I wouldn't see you in till next year, March."

  "I thought about what you said about me missing Christmas and stuff, and when Joey told me about the baby," he said turning to Joey with a smile. "When he uh told me about the baby being born without me there made me realize that I can't  miss Christmas also. But I do have to leave again but not in till the first of January." I hugged him once again and squeezed.

  "You ready to see Miley," I said letting go and walking over to her as she slept cozy in her rocker. Justin followed me over and he sat beside me as I picked her up gently and showed her to him. He sat up and held his arms out to me, wanting the baby. I smiled at him and handed him, her.

  "Maybe I should go," Joey said butting in the silence. I stared up at him as he awkwardly stood by the door.

  "No, no you don't have to-," he cut me off.

  "It's fine I understand that you have a baby and all. I'll come by tomorrow to check up, okay?" I nodded, not willing to fight with him to stay. "Bye," he waved.

  "Thank you Joey," I said waving back as he walked out. I turned back to Justin who had a tear fall down his cheek.

  "She's beautiful just like her mom," he whispered. I smiled and sat closer to him and helped him handle the baby right. "Well I see your hand is better."

  I nodded, "I'm happy it is. It'll be easier to do stuff now."

  He laughed, "Yeah like taking your clothes off." I smirked and shook my head.

  "Of course," I joked. "Oh and if it makes you happy I dreamed sexy about you the last couple days."

  "Oh really! Maybe you should describe them to me later when the baby is a sleep and yours dreams with come true," he teased me.

  "Your so bad," I laughed. "I'll think about it."

  "Wait, that'd be my Christmas present cause you didn't get me anything."

  "Boy, your killing me here," I giggled, face palming myself. "You really think I'm up for it?"

  "Well I never thought of it like that. So why don't you go relax now and later we'll see if your up for it. I'll take care of her," he said leaning into me. I leaned up and placed our lips together, I missed his kisses even tho it hasn't been long.


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