Baby Bieber (Sequel to Justin's Girl)

I'm in my 9th month of carrying Justin's baby. Justin is now heading on Tour, which is not helping me at all. We fought about it many times but the decision was finally; he was leaving. Do I go with him? Is the baby a boy or a girl? Does our love last? Does he choose his music over his family?


6. Chapter 6

  I sat up rubbing my eyes. I groaned as I was tired and my stomach was killing me. "This stupid thing," I said frustrated, taking the cast off my hand and throwing it across the room. I held my stomach with my good hand and I moved my hand around making sure it was fine for me to use. I turned to see the clock which read, 4:39AM. I yawned and went to get up but the pain increased. "Joey," I yelled as I slowly made my way out to the hall way, holding my stomach. He didn't respond, I managed to get to the stairs deciding if I should try to go down them or not. "Joey!," I yelled again watching as he slept on the couch, from the top of the staircase. I began to cry, as the pain felt like getting stabbed in the gut. I cry to much, over stupid reasons but this I can verify you would too.

  "Toby?," he groaned half a sleep, getting up off the couch making his way over to the stairs to see me. "Toby, what's wrong!," he said after he realized I was crying. He ran up the stairs sitting beside me and wrapped his arms around me like Justin would.

  "My stomach," more tears appeared. "It hurts." He grabbed my hand and looked at me.

  "I'll be right back, I'll call someone! Stay here," he said kissing my head then running off down stairs. I felt something wet run down my leg. I knew exactly what was going on.

  "Joey!," I screamed. He came running back up to me. He looked down at my leg which was streaming down a warm liquid. I seen he looked shocked and frozen. "You need to drive me to the hospital," I said tensing up. He nodded many times then helped me up and down the stairs and out the door to his car. He placed me gently in the passenger side and he ran over to the drivers side and got it, driving as fast as he could to the nearest hospital.

  "We need help please!," Joey yelled as he helped me into the large building.

  "Calm down sir. What's wrong?," a lady at a desk came over and asked. He looked down at me speechless.

  "My water broke," I said closing my eyes, from all the pain.

  "Okay, Okay um breath in and out for me okay sweetie," the lady said before running back over to her desk to call someone. I did what she told me which was to breath in and out as calmly as possible.

  "Joey, I need to call Justin," I said turning to face him panicking. Before he could reply nurses ran over to me putting me on a bed, placing ivies in my right arm and running down a long hall.

  "How long has it been since her water broke?," the nurse said rather fast to Joey as they entered me into a room with more nurses and doctors which made me really uncomfortable.

  "10 minutes ago, maybe more?," he said shaking, watching me as the doctors started to remove my lower clothing.

  "Okay so she should be ready," one of the doctors said staring at me. "Are you family?," he asked Joey.

  "No," he shock his head sweating.

  "May I ask you to please step out?," he said as he stared back at me, putting a breathing mask on. I stared at Joey as he exited and that's when they removed my underwear. "She's fully dialated," he said going in front my me placing my legs on these two stool things.

  "It hurts," I said clunching my fists.

  "I know it does. But we want you to push when we tell you too okay?," a nurse said holding my hand and standing beside the bed watching. I began to scream from the pain. "It's fine. What's your name?," she said trying to comfort me.

  "Toby," I whispered.

  "1. 2. 3. Push!," the doctor shouted. I squeezed the nurse's hand as hard as I could and I screamed as I pushed.

  Joey's POV

  "Justin?," I asked through my phone not sure if he changed his number or not.

  "Yea?," he yawned. I presume he was sleeping.

  "Oh hey, um it's Joey," I said as a lump formed in my throat, not used to what is going on.

  "Oh sup man?"

  "No time to talk, Toby is having the baby!," I pacing back and forth outside the hospital room.

  "She's what!," he shouted.

  "In labor. Yes I know. I don't know what to do man. They kicked me out of the room-"

  "Get in there!"

  "I can't, she's giving birth now and I'm not family so I can't." He was silent for a couple minutes.

  "Thanks man for telling me," it sounded like he was crying. I kinda feel bad for him, I mean he's not here when his little girl is being born and that's a large chunk out of his life.

  "Can't you come?"

  "Dude, I'm on a plane to America," he sounded angry.

  "Oh sorry," I remarked not knowing.

  Justin's POV

  I moved the phone from my ear and hung up. I wiped the tears that threatened to fall from my eyes. I'm mixed of all kinds of emotion, I should've been there right now holding her hand giving her confidence. Kissing her after its over with telling her that she did great. Holding my baby in my arms smiling and crying, but no. I punched the seat that was in front of me not caring who was sitting in it. I placed my hand over my face and let tears fall not a shammed to show I do care. "What's wrong," my mom said hugging me out of no where. She was still beside me but I thought she fell a sleep by now.

  "I missed the most important moment of my life," I half shouted, trying not to be that loud to wake other people but fuck it.

  "She's in labor?" I nodded hugging her back crying into her shoulder.

  "It's my fault, you know?," I said letting go of her.

  "No it's not Justin," she said patting my back. I shook my head.

  "It is. I knew I was going to miss my babies birth and Christmas for this dumb ass tour that doesn't even start, start till January."

  "But you were just following your dreams hun. And this is how you take care of her, provide her with what she has. It's your job."

  "Is it possible to get off this flight and back to the house before Christmas?," I said clearing my face and eyes from tears.

  "I imagine so but it requires sky diving." I'd do anything for Toby or my baby any time, so sky diving it is.

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