Baby Bieber (Sequel to Justin's Girl)

I'm in my 9th month of carrying Justin's baby. Justin is now heading on Tour, which is not helping me at all. We fought about it many times but the decision was finally; he was leaving. Do I go with him? Is the baby a boy or a girl? Does our love last? Does he choose his music over his family?


4. Chapter 4

  Justin's POV

  "Okay, so I was thinking when we get North America, we'll go to Florida first do a couple of shows then head up north to Michigan. After that we'll have all the tour dates figured out, but Justin trust me on this, your fan base will grow over the year," Scooter said patting me on my leg. I just nodded and watched out the window, not caring on what he was saying. I think it's really stupid to leave this week, because our baby could come anytime plus it's Christmas. I want her to be beside me at my first concert but I guess that's not a option. I watched as the trees and houses on my side went past real fast as we drove. "Your mom will meet us at the airport," Scooter said shaking me, making sure I was paying attention. I licked my lips and turned my head to stare at him; I nodded then grabbed my phone from my pocket. I went through my photos, that I never actually looked through before. Most of them were just my family, or me and Toby which I didn't mind at all. But one photo caught my attention, which was one of me and Stephanie. I tilted my head, wondering how she was but I don't like her like I used to. It wouldn't kill anyone if I texted her.

  To: Stephanie ; From: Justin

  Hey, I know this is out of the blue because we haven't spoke in about a year but I was just wondering how you were.

  After I sent that I waited like four minutes before I got a reply.

  To: Justin ; From: Stephanie

  Hi ! I'm alright, how are you and what's been up with you and Toby? If that's not asking to much.

  To: Stephanie ; From: Justin

  I'm fine, thanks. And Toby and I are perfect, we actually have a little one on the way any time soon here. Plus i'm getting ready to go on tour- my career is setting off. But enough about me, what's up with you?

  To: Justin ; From: Stephanie

  Congrats. I'm in Sweden right now because my new boyfriend has business here, but career wise I stay at home and do house stuff like clean and stuff, but I don't think I should be texting you right now/ on a date, i'm in the bathroom, so I'll talk to you later.. maybe.

  To: Stephanie ; From: Justin

  Maybe, Bye

  It felt good to text her but wrong at the same time. I shook my head then took a quick breath then went on twitter and just decided to just follow some of my fans.

  Toby's POV

  I sat on our couch in the living room going through the channels on the television. I jumped when the house phone rang as I was used to it being silent all ready. I rushed up and went to the phone looking at the I.D. It said private number so it had to be ether Justin's mom or someone I don't know. I picked it up and raised the phone to my ear.


  "Is this Toby?," the female voice asked. I rose my eyebrows.

  "Yes, may I ask who's calling." I waited and got no answer, soon after I got hung up on. "That was weird," I mumbled to myself as I clicked the end button and hung the phone up and went back to the couch. Again it rung, I stared at it debating if I should answer it or not. I sighed as it wouldn't stop ringing, I got up and picked it up again. "Hello?"

  "Toby," the same voice said.

  "Yes?," then again I got hung up on. I just clicked end and brought it with me back to the couch, just in case it rung again. Again, I was right; it rung once more. By this time it had to be a prank call or something so I decided not to answer it, just let it ring. I tapped my foot as I got frustrated from the sound of the phone. "What," I said now annoyed.

  "Where are you?"

  "Who is this?"

  "Who cares about who I am. I haven't talked to you since you left the house, few months back. I love you Toby. We both do-," I cut off who ever was talking.

  "Who does. Who is this!," I said raising my voice.

  "Your mother," I had no words to say. I quickly removed the phone from my ear and hung up. I stared at the blank white wall and let that name flow back into me. I haven't really checked if they moved or not, so they must still be there. But don't you think they'd call someone or something to find me; guess not. I just don't understand why she called today, how she got this number and why she had the nerv to speak to me again. I thought they would of moved to America already. I got cut off from my thoughts as the phone rang again. I looked at the caller I.D and it still said private caller. I answered it and put it on speaker just didn't say anything. "Speak to me baby. We miss you, we missed your birthday two months ago. We thought you'd come home, that's why we never left. I want you to know we do love you and that you can come home," she said real fast.


  "No what?"

  "I don't love you guys. I never will forgive you, I tried those years when I came back home after grandma died but when I did you guys lost my trust. I'm not coming home, I'm happy where I am. Some where you'll never find me, I started my own family and you'll never see me again. But I have a question," I said pissed.

  "Which is?"

  "Why didn't you look for me, if you loved me? and How did you get this number."

  "I did. We did, but we couldn't find you so we thought you'd return soon but guess not. And phone book hun." I didn't say anything more, I didn't want to talk to her. "So why don't you just pack your stuff and come home. We miss you baby."

  "I'm not your baby. I'm 18 years old, and I have my own family now, just leave me out of your life please."

  "What's so important that you can't come home!," she shouted in the phone.

  "I already told you, I have a new family. One I can trust, and love," I said coldly, hanging up. I got up and muted the phone then put it back on the charger. I'll know if it rings again because the phone lights up. My head started to pound as I thought more and more of my parents. I sat on the couch looking at my hand that has a cast on it, to keep it up and protected. I should call Justin, I bent over and grabbed my cell phone from the coffee table and dialed Justin's number and waited for a answer.

  "Hello babe."

  "Hey, um are you guys almost there?"

  "Nope, we still have about a hour and half left but what you doing?"

  "Wanting you to come home already," I sighed. "But my mom just called an-," he cut me off.

  "Your mom!," he said surprised. "What'd she want."

  "Wanting me to go back home. But don't worry, I'm not accepting that offer."

  "Glad to hear. I'd die without you in my life. You and that baby, I love you," he said kindly.

  "Same here. I love you too, but I just wanted to call you because my gut told me to," I said giggling a little.

  "Well your gut knows well because I was going to call you any second also," he said laughing. I smiled and stared down at my hand.

  "Gut power!," I shouted, joking. I heard him laugh which made me smile even more. "Well, I think I'm going to go take a small power nap."

  "Okay, well I love you. Have a nice sleep," he said. "And dream something sexy about me," he whispered.

  "I will," I giggled. "Love you too, bye."

  "Bye," I hung up then turned off the television. I still had my phone in my only useable hand and I walked up the stairs into our room. I set my phone on a small table we had on the side of our bed and I crawled into the black comforted we had laid out on the bed. I closed my eyes thinking of what Justin said, "Dream something sexy about me". It made me laugh to myself before I soon fell a sleep.

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