Baby Bieber (Sequel to Justin's Girl)

I'm in my 9th month of carrying Justin's baby. Justin is now heading on Tour, which is not helping me at all. We fought about it many times but the decision was finally; he was leaving. Do I go with him? Is the baby a boy or a girl? Does our love last? Does he choose his music over his family?


28. Chapter 27

  Toby's POV

  "Hey Toby, sweetie me and your father are taking Miley out for a while. You have the hole house to yourself, no parties," she laughed. "Or no boys!"

  "Really mom?," I mumbled from my pillow. I heard her laugh again before putting her hand on my shoulder.

  "Sorry but really if you need anything while were out or you need us home early just call the number I left on the kitchen table down stairs. Okay?" 

  "Alright mom," I turned in my bed getting comfy. She quickly removed her hand from me and left the room. It must have been about 10 or 11 in the morning, meaning I have to get up. Ugh I hate getting up from sleep it sucks. Sitting up, I stretch my arms high up before hopping off my bed and grabbing my rob wrapping it around myself as I left my bedroom to head downstairs. They left pretty fast because it was was totally empty and silent down here. I wish I had friends at least, to talk to or hang with. Sad to say, I hate being who I am. I wish I was a perfect skinny, beautiful, little blonde girl that everyone liked. Not me, who is surprised I even had sex' with somebody. 

  I went to the kitchen and got out some orange juice, pouring a myself a small glass as I took sips out of it as I watched out the window above the sink. I seriously almost dropped my glass when I heard the doorbell ring. "Coming!," I yelled as I quickly sat the glass down and tied the rob around myself because I was wearing shorts that went to the tip of my thigh and a tank top that was a little bit to revealing. I reached for the door nob and opened the door meeting eyes with a tall stranger.

  "Hi, how are you is Austin here?"

  "Austin? My dad?"

  "Oh yes, you must be his daughter Toby? Correct?," the tall boy said with a slight smile. He had green eyes and a blackish brown hair color.

  "Yes, what's this about?"

  "Oh I work for your father and I was hoping he'd be here because I have something very important to tell him."

  "My dad has a job? Man," I whispered. "I missed alot."


  "Nothing,  could I take a message?"

  "I'd rather tell him in person may I come in and wait if that's alright?" I hesitated for a minute thinking of when they'd be back. I backed away from the door and let him through closing the door behind him. "Thank you, I'm Nate by the way," he stood with his hands together infront of him. He wore these black glasses that seemed to fit him good.

  "Nice to meet you, they might not be back for a while. I hope you don't mind," I awkwardly said going back into the kitchen grabbing the orange juice putting it back in the fridge.

  "Not at all. I hope you don't mind me waiting," he followed me to the kitchen.

  "No your okay," I fake smiled. I don't want a stranger here for possibly hours talking to me when I could be going back to sleep till they came back but I guess not. I have to baby sit this, 16/17 year old. "How old are you?"
 "Oh um I'm 15, how old are you?" Wow he doesn't look 15, and how could he work for my dad then?

  "19 hon, now what do you do with my dad exactly?"

  "I work on cars with him, It's just my first job and I don't know what to do really so I started with cars. Is that weird? I just really wanted to have money and-," he kept going it seemed forever. Is this how I sounded when I was 15? Jesus.

  "Okay, okay, calm down," I laughed. "Cars are cool." He smiled then looked around the room in the kitchen.

  "Good. So how long have you lived with your parents?" 

  "Like a week?" 

  "Why?" He stared at me like a dart and I was the target. I'm not telling him, I don't even know him.

  "Would you like anything to drink," I smiled turning back to the fridge.

  "Oh no thank you. Sorry if I bothered you."

  "Your okay, but do you want to watch some TV or something while we wait?" He nodded and I showed him how to work our living room television along with the remote so he could watch what he wanted. 

- - -

  "Toby?," I felt a hand shake me on my leg. I quickly sat up and found myself asleep on the couch with my legs on him. I moved them away and stood up.

  "Sorry, sorry. I been going through stress lately and I really just want to lye down. Sorry," I repeated. He bit his lip and nodded. I ran my hand through my hair and moved the certain behind the tv to look outside which was now getting dark. "What time is it?" His eyes went from me to his watch that was on his left wrist. 

  "6:50." My eyes grew big. 

  "Really! I slept that long, god. They better be here soon because Miley needs to eat."

  "Miley? Who's Miley, your sister?"

  "Daughter," I swallowed turning back to the couch sitting down.

  "Oh, do you and your boyfriend live here together?" I glared at him.

  "What's with the questions," I spat.

  "Sorry," he looked away from me and to the ground. I sighed closing my eyes before opening them and placing a hand on his back.

  "No, I'm sorry. It's just again the stress. No he doesn't live here, I don't know where he is. And I surely don't want to know." He didn't reply just stared at the ground so I moved my hand and placed it on my forehead. Great timing, I hear the sound of a car motor pull in the driveway. 

  "There here," he said getting up, but I reached out and grabbed his arm pulling him back down to sit. 

  "I'd just sit down okay? My dad doesn't like surprises," I laugh awkwardly. He doesn't make eye contact but nods with a smile. My parents walk in, Miley in my mom's arms with smiles on their faces. 

  "Were back," my mom says as she walked in. I smile as I make eye contact with Miley, haven't seen her all day and now I just want to cuddle her. "Oh, who's this?"

  "Dad's worker or something?" As I said that my dad came in shutting the doors. 

  "Oh hello Nate."

  "Hi," he stood up holding his hands together with a smile. My dad rose his eyebrows. 

  "What are you doing here?"

  "Oh I just wanted to tell you something about working this week."

  "Okay what's that?"

  "My cousin's mom is coming to visit us and my mom wants me and my brother to stay home so she told me to come tell you that instead of over the phone."

  "That's alright with me but you won't get paid, you know this correct?"

  "I know, sir. My mom is informed of that also. I might not be coming to work next week either because my aunt is supposed to get in contact with my cousin to come over too but she can't get a hold of him now so she's gonna wait."

  "Alright-," instead of leaving Nate kept going on and on.

  "He's been in some kind of relationship crisis and has been doing drugs and stuff so it might take a while to get in touch with him." My eyes shot up at him. 

  "What's him name?," I cut in.

  "Jay-" I didn't let him finish.

  "Thank god."

  "Well that's what we call him. It's short for Justin." Without hesitation I pushed him out of our house and locked the doors.

  "Toby!," my dad scolded me.

  "I'm going upstairs to bed, no worries. Just don't forget to feed Miley," I stomp upstairs to my bedroom and lay down and instantly I fall a sleep. 

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