Baby Bieber (Sequel to Justin's Girl)

I'm in my 9th month of carrying Justin's baby. Justin is now heading on Tour, which is not helping me at all. We fought about it many times but the decision was finally; he was leaving. Do I go with him? Is the baby a boy or a girl? Does our love last? Does he choose his music over his family?


26. Chapter 25

  (A/N: I hope you all have read the first book because then you'll know that they knew each other when they were little and so on. Hope you like this new chapter!)

  * * *

  "Where are you going?" I stopped in my tracks right at the front door with my eyes scrunched up. Shit she caught me.  "Toby!," my mom yelled. 

  "I was just um going over to Justin's house, Anna is there!," I stood straight, feet down (because I was tip toeing). 

  "It's raining, you can't walk over there."

  "Mom!," I whined. "I'll put my coat and stuff on please let me go! I want to see Anna!"

  "Your only 7, what would I do if you got taken off the sidewalk?"

  "Mom, he lives a couple houses down! I'll be fine!" She appears from around the corner with her apron on. 

  "Ugh when have you started growing up?," she smiled slighty.

  "Um, since I was born?"

  She chuckled, "Fine but make sure you be back no later than 6." It was now 4:02, so I have just about 2 hours. 

  "Uh fine! Love you." I shut the door and ran down the sidewalk as fast as I could trying not to get wet from the rain till I got to Justin's. I quickly jumped up on their porch and pulled my hood down, ringing the door bell. 

  "Toby!," Anna smiled brightly opening the door. Anna was Justin's cousin who was our age. 

  "Anna!," I jumped up and down before giving her a hug. "It's been a long time!"

  "Well yeah I live far from here so duh," she giggled. I walked in and took a look around. The house didn't look the same. It was more emptier than before. A lot emptier. But I see more boxes than anything else. 

  "Where's all their stuff at?" I turn to Anna who has just shut the door. She gave me a confused look.

  "You didn't know?"

  "Know what?"

  "That me and my mom came up here to help them move down where we live."

  "No! When are they doing that," I felt my heart break.

  "I think later were leaving," she shrugs.

  "But they can't leave!," I shouted. I stood there with my mouth open when Justin's mom came around the corner.

  "Oh hello Toby," she smiled wide.

  "Hi, why are you moving! You can't move! You have to stay! You can move in with me and mom mom and dad! Please!," I whined. 

  "Oh," she stopped with her mouth open like mine when tears stopped to drop from my eyes. "Toby, I wish we could but we already got a house-"

  "Yeah, this one!," I yelled.

  "Yes but we got a new one," she walked to me trying to give me a hug. I pushed her away.

  "No! You can't just leave! Please don't," I cry. 

  "I-I'm sorry," she whispered. Anna was awkwardly standing watching us. 

  "Do you want to like go upstairs and play a game?," Anna butted in.

  "No, I'm going home," I whip my eyes and run out the door straight back to mine and throw my stuff off and run up stairs to my bedroom. 

  "Toby," my mom knocked on my door opening it. "What's wrong?" I turned my face into my pillow.

  "Their moving." 


  I sit up, "Their moving," I cry whipping my eyes.

 * Few hours later *

  "Toby, Justin's at the door for ya," my mom called to me as I sat on the couch watching stupid TV commercials. I sigh getting up and run to the door to see Justin standing at the front door with his mom's car in the back with boxes all in it. 

  "Hi," I feel the tears come back. 

  "I'll leave you two to talk," my mom put her hand on my shoulder than went away.

  "Your leaving aren't you," I hold back the tears. He nods and frowns. Without saying anything and push forward hugging him. "I'll miss you, don't forget me please! Don't ever meet another girl like, I okay?"

  "Okay," he gripped my the back of my shirt tight. 

  "Come on Justin," his mom honked the horn. We let go of each other and stare then he walks away and gets inside the car. 

  "Bye!," he waved from the window and I waved back with tears going down my face. And that was it, he was gone. But I promise I won't forget him. I promise. 

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