Baby Bieber (Sequel to Justin's Girl)

I'm in my 9th month of carrying Justin's baby. Justin is now heading on Tour, which is not helping me at all. We fought about it many times but the decision was finally; he was leaving. Do I go with him? Is the baby a boy or a girl? Does our love last? Does he choose his music over his family?


24. Chapter 23

  (A/N: HOLLY POOP ! 200 FAVORITES IMA CRY THEN DIE :D THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! <3 WARNING: this chapter contains sexual content)

  Justin's POV

 I slammed the door stomping my way back down to the lobby of the hotel. I fucking mess up all the time, why do I? If it wasn't for my fucking friends I wouldn't be in this mess, those bastards. I hate who I am now, I hate myself. "All I want to do is make you happy," I yelled in the lobby frustrated. Eyes from other human beings darted at me. I looked up and ran out the hotel door and down the street to a common ally where me and a bud would meet up. I wanted to scream, so badly. I brung my hand up and punched the brick wall not caring. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and called up Stephanie.

  "Finally you call, can't get enough of me," she giggled. One tear came from my eye and slid down my check. 

  "Do you have any drinks at your place?"

  "Oh hon, I have lots."

  "Good I'll be over." I hung my phone up and smashed it back in my pocket. My car was parked on the side of the building so I ran to it jumping in and started to speed down the road. Red lights, stop sighs I ignored all of them just driving was my number one thing on my mind. Not Toby, not Miley, no laws, nobody and nothing besides driving. I hit the pedal hard and turned on the street Stephanie lived on. When I pulled in her driveway I hurried up to her door and rung the doorbell multiple times. "Answer god dammit!"

  "Sorry I was getting ready," she opened the door and winked at me. She was wearing the tinest thing of clothing. She came close to me putting her leg on my side and trailing her hand down my chest.

  "Where are the drinks?," I ask pushing her off me.

  "In the livingroom on the marble stand-" I didn't let her finish I really didn't care I didn't want to be stressed anymore. The only solution in my mind was to pleasure myself with a drink. I jumped on to her couch and grabbed a whiskey bottle popping it open and chugging it like no tomorrow. "Justin slow down don't want you to get drunk now," she chuckled sitting down next to me putting her legs on my lap. I placed one hand on her thigh while holding the bottle in the other.

  "Hoe," I laughed. 

  "When you call me that, it makes me tingle." She laughed along placing her hand over mine moving it up to her upper thigh inches away from her private area. "I bet Toby wouldn't let you drink like I do, nor pleasure you." I didn't look at her, I just took another drink. I felt dizzy sorta but funny at the same time. "Justin," she put her index finger on my cheek and turned my face to look at her. "I can make you feel happy in all way." She leaned up kissing my lips. I sat there with my hand on a bottle and on her thigh with my mind trying to focus on what she just said. She pulled back and got up standing infront of the table. She smiled and turned bending down so I had a view of her bum. She straightened and disappeared down a hall. Her house was small, it didn't have a basement nor upstairs it all was just one level. "Justin!," I heard her yell a couple times with a giggle. 

  I finished the bottle of whiskey, out of it. I slowly made my way to where I remember where her room was. I held myself up with the walls as well as I could. I was seconds away from falling but I made it to her bedroom. I leaned myself on the door trying to stare straight at the bed where she was topless and just in panties. "Baby come on," she rubbed the spot next to her. I barely made it to the bed but I made it. "Toby can't do this can she?" Toby. Toby. Toby. Her name repeated in my head. I need to get her out of my mind she doesn't want me so I can do what I want now. 

  "No-o," I mumbled and laid back on the pillows. I felt her hand cuff my crotch, and start to squeeze. "Mmm." I bit my bottom lip closing my eyes enjoying it. She moved her hands to the tip of my pants sliding them down to my ankles. I leaned up about to remove them fully but she pushed me back on the bed.

  "I'll do it drunk ass," she laughed. She removed them and threw them on the floor along with my shirt and socks. Stephanie tossed each of her legs on each side of me and sat on my parts. "Why did you even go for Toby? She isn't anything, she wouldn't let you do what you want nor give you sex. Why go for her?," she trailed her fingers over my chest. That's enough about Toby I felt myself frustrated and angry.

  "Fucking shut up! I don-nt want t-o-o he-a-r anythin abou-t To-by," I slurred. She chuckled and moved her hands behind her cuffing me again making me push my head back. She moved her hands in circles making me feel strap strikes of pleasure running through me.

  "Say my name," she whispered in my ear leaning up to me. I didn't say anything. "Say it!" She moved her hands faster making a moan slip through my mouth.

  "Toby, Toby," I ended up moaning. She stopped. Got off me and began to get dressed, just like that. 

  "Why'd yo-u-u stop?"

  "Your not over her! You can't use me like this! I'm not a hoe Justin! If you sleep with me it's because your drunk or you just need pleasured! It's fucking shit. I bet you if I would have continued you would wake up in the morning with no memory and leave. Leave me here naked wondering where you went. So it's either me or her." I slid up on the head board and stared at her. "Answer me!," she screamed.

  "Her," I whispered. Her face became red, she bent down grabbing my clothes and throwing them at me. 

  "Get the fuck out. Don't call or text me. Get out!" She yelled. I hurried and got dressed the best I could see and headed out back to my car sitting in the drivers seat. I wasn't stable to drive but what do I have to lose? I have no one anymore no one. Nothing to care for. Nothing to hold. All I want to do is drive till I hit that point where I wont be needing drinks to take the stress away from me no need to break her heart over again no need to hurt Miley showing her bad things. No need for anything. 

  I turned the key and backed out of the driveway the best I could before breaking down in sobs ready to let everything free. Toby will be happy, Miley will grow up strong. That's all I want and that will happen. It will happen...

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