Baby Bieber (Sequel to Justin's Girl)

I'm in my 9th month of carrying Justin's baby. Justin is now heading on Tour, which is not helping me at all. We fought about it many times but the decision was finally; he was leaving. Do I go with him? Is the baby a boy or a girl? Does our love last? Does he choose his music over his family?


17. Chapter 16

  Toby's POV

  I got up walking down the rest of the alley way, which led to a small coffee shop. I whipped the tears from my eyes and stood straight and turned the corner and pushed the small door open walking in the building. I sat down at a booth by the big window in the front of the shop and waited for someone to serve me. "How may I help you ma'am?," A voice got my attention. I quickly looked up at the tall skinny, blonde boy that stood there with a pad and pen in his hands. His smile soon turned into a smirk when he noticed I was checking him out. When I noticed him smirking that's when I started to get red and stare at my hands.

  "Um yeah may I just have a black coffee?," I stared back out the window.

  "Are you sure?"


  "I'll be right back with that." I watched as a few people walked by. I got my phone out and thought about texting Justin, but my mind simply changed right after I thought about how I'd just cry and go back to him. I want him to know i'm not happy and that i'm not a weak girl to let people take control over me.

  Justin's POV

  We drove around for at least 30 minutes, not any sign of Toby. "She'll be ok. Calm down," my mom sat next to me, rubbing my back. I had my left hand on my face, trying to block everyone out of my thought.

  "No, she wont. I love her mom, I haven't felt like this before for a girl, I need to find her. Making sure she is ok," I said hugging her.

  "We will find her, she couldn't go that far," she said putting her hands on my shoulders, pushing her off me. She smiled, "Everything is going to be fine hun." A tear fell from my eye, I took a deep breath and nodded.

  "I think I see her!," Jacob one of the dancers yelled. I quickly got up and ran to the window he was looking out.

  "Where," I looked out, nothing but buildings and people around. He pointed to the coffee shop. At first I didn't notice but then I seen her staring down at her hands in a booth in front of the large window. "Stop the bus!," I yelled and pulled up my pants, running to the front.

  "Justin!," Scooter yelled to me. I glared at him. "There isn't a parking space here, we can't just stay here, there is other cars!"

  "Then just let me out and go find one!," I said busting the door open and running across the street to the coffee shop. I ran to the door and swung it open, happy that I have found her. I slowly made my way to her booth and sat across from her. She still was looking down at her hands, like she didn't even notice I was there. I cleared my throat, getting her to look up. She stared with her mouth in a 'o' shape staring at me. I looked left to right then stared at her with a questioning look. She slowly got up and started to walk, I grabbed her wrist turning her to me.

  "Let me go!," she screamed, making a scene.

  "Your not leaving me, again," I said staring into her eyes. She was now angry, she pulled away and stared back.

  "I was going to the bathroom! God damn, your always up my ass. Chill," she yelled and continued to walk. By now the other people in the shop were staring, even the employs. I sighed, turned around and sat at the booth she was at. I sat there thinking.

  Does she want me anymore? Am I worth being with her. Am I a bad guy? I wish everything could go back to what they were. 


  Moment later, she came out ignoring me walking back to the bus. I walked silently behind her making sure she didn't run back off. "Toby!," I seen my mom shoot up from the seat walking towards her. I closed the door to the bus after I got in and walked to the back room, because I needed time to think. Miley was perfectly a sleep, which made me smile. At least she doesn't know what's going on. "Fuck," I silently said to myself and placed my hands on my head, laying on one of the beds. Pain rushed to my head, second after second. It must be from stress, or me over whelmed. I turned on my side and closed my eyes hoping to fall a sleep. 

 Patty's POV

  Toby walked to the couch and sat down, putting her hands over her face. I don't know why she's sad, she's the one that ran! My eyebrows creased, and I sat next to her. I leaned close to her ear and whispered, "Stop being a little girl. You have a kid with my son. Be more adult like, acting like this isn't giving anyone happiness." She didn't budge. I now was clutching my fists, as I kept whispering to her different things but never got a answer. "Fine," I simply said before getting up and standing infront of her. I grabbed one of her hands that was blocking her face, and forced her up. I walked her to the back where Justin walked moments earlier. "If you don't want to talk to me, fine. But if you wanted to have sex with my son and think everythings going to be alright. Your wrong, your a mom now. You have to stand up for what's right, and what's right is to work things out with Justin. I surely don't like being mean with you but you have to understand I went through the same thing with Justin when he was little. You just have to go with life. It's like a roller coaster!"

  I stared for a couple seconds waiting for her to reply, nothing again. I started to tense up; nothing is going to crack this girl huh. I slowly walked past her but was stopped from her saying my name.



  "Thanks," she turned, hugging me. I sighed and hugged her back.

  "Your welcome, but all of that is true. If you don't want to be with Justin, just work something out please. Just make the right choice," I let go of her and smiled before going back to the front.

  Back to Toby's POV

  I watched as Patty walked back to the front of the bus. I turned to the bed that Justin was laying on, I stared as his body was tense. I smiled a little bit, knowing he was peaceful when he was sleeping. I walked over to Justin, leaning over him planting a kiss on his cheek, whispering in his ear, "I'm sorry." I stood straight and stared as he turned, both eyes open and smiling. 

  "I'm sorry too." He wasn't sleeping I see. What do I do now, leave or stay? He moved all the way to the wall, patting a spot next to him. I got down on the bed next to him, trying to make us both fit. It was a very small bed, made for one but we pushed each other as close as possible making us fit. "I'm sorry if I did anything to hurt you in anyway! I just love you and don't want to lose you! I love you and Miley so much I can't let you fade away like this," he laid his head on my chest and wrapped his arms around my body, making me stay where I was. I feel bad for him, knowing there is lots of pressure on him dealing with us, Miley and his job.  I put my hands behind his head clutching his hair in my hands. 

  "Just shh, Let's enjoy this moment," I kissed his head, and laid my head on the pillow, staring at the wall he was leaning against. After a couple minutes, he ended up falling a sleep on me as I just stared at the wall blankly. I moved slightly to see his face; a sleep and calm. I sighed and whipped my eyes once more before laying back down, closing my eyes. "I'm leaving..." I feel a sleep right after that.

(A/N: Hiiiii!! xx HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIAM!!<33333 But Sorry took me so long to write a new chapter, so busy but I'll be trying to update some more :)) xo )

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