Baby Bieber (Sequel to Justin's Girl)

I'm in my 9th month of carrying Justin's baby. Justin is now heading on Tour, which is not helping me at all. We fought about it many times but the decision was finally; he was leaving. Do I go with him? Is the baby a boy or a girl? Does our love last? Does he choose his music over his family?


10. Chapter 10

  Toby's POV

  I woke up to the smell of what seemed to be bacon cooking. I sat up on the bed, rubbing my eyes. I looked beside me and a note laying on the bed. I picked it up and read it:

  Dear Toby,

  MERRY Christmas! I have surprises for you, when you wake up. After your done reading come down stairs. I want to make our first Christmas together as perfect as possible. I love you so much! The baby and I are waiting for you! So set this where ever and come down, we'll be waiting! <3              Love,


  I smiled then set the note back down and got up off the bed, stepping on something. I glared down at the ground and seen rose pedals, trailing out of the room. I followed them out the bedroom door and to the stair case where they stopped. "Justin!," I yelled as I looked down to the living room and seen a huge Christmas tree, which I never knew we even had. It had all different kinds of lights on it and had a few presents underneath it. I ran down the stairs and stood infront of it, stunned.

  "Well I see you found the tree," I heard him speak behind me. I turned to him and wrapped my arms around him.

  "It's amazing, but when did you put it up? Where did you get it!"

  "I bought it when you took a nap yesterday and put it up last night," he said wrapping his arms over me.

  "Its so pretty," I said looking up at him.

  He smiled, "Just like you." I leaned up kissing him. He kissed me back then pulled away. "Well, do you want to see what else I have in store for you and Miley today?" I nodded. He took me hand and trailed my over to the kitchen where Miley was set up In her rocker. I stared around wondering what he wanted me to see but I looked over at the dinning table which had a two plates set up with bacon, toast and pancakes. There was a bottle of red wine sitting in the middle of the table with a vase of flowers and two wine glasses beside each plate.

  "Did you do this," I said letting his hand go, and walking over to the table smiling.

  "No," he giggling. "Santa did."

  I laughed a little then sat down in one of the chairs, "well lets see if 'Santa' made good food."

  "I hope he did! I paid him lots of money," he joked sitting next to me. "And I already feed Miley a bottle earlier, I think she should be fine for now. I changed her also. But do you know, babies got some weird looking poop?"

  I looked at him, "I'm about to eat, and you have to bring up her poop?" I laughed, "Well she's a baby, what do you expect."

  "True. But i'll shut up now," he said smirking.

  Justin's POV
 I'm nervous about proposing to her. I looked at her as she ate her last few bites on her plate, as I'm already finished. "How was it?"

  "Very good," she said holding my hand. Maybe I should do it now, instead of later.

  "Glad you enjoyed it but um Toby I ne-," the phone cut my off.

  "Hold on, i'll get it," she got up from the table and went to the house phone and answered it. "Hello?"  I wasn't really paying attention to her words but I seen her face change from happy to what seemed angry. When she returned to the table she didn't say anything.

  "Who was it?"

  "My mom," she said looking away from me.


  "Yeah," she said getting up and grabbing her plate placing it in the sink. Maybe this isn't a good time to ask but I'm going to try.

  "Toby?," I said grabbing her wrist as she tried to run off out of the kitchen.

  "Let me go," she demanded. I didn't fight with her, so I let her go. What's wrong with her.

  "What's wrong?"

  "Nothing," she said walking to the living room.

  "Some things wrong," I said following her. She sat down on the couch, and started to bite her nails, showing me she was worried or nervous.

  "Well aren't you smart."

  "I'm not playing, what's wrong?" I hope it's nothing bad...

  (A/N: Okay my laptop been messing up a lot lately so it might take me awhile to update. x Hope you like it so far.)


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