Help Me, That's All I Ask *One Direction Not Famous*

Susie's mother is gone. Her father is an alcoholic.
Each night she sleeps in a bed of her own tears. "But," she tells herself each time, "It's better to lie in your own tears than somebody else's..."


6. Chapter 6

 "I beg your pardon?" I asked, trying to stay polite.

 "Are you Niall's girl?" I could see Niall glaring at him.

 "No. No I'm not. I'm my own girl, nobody else's." He smirks at me and talks to Louis. Niall shoots me an apologetic look and I smile in return.

 "So, you like polka dots?" I look up to see Zayn looking at me."They're on your shorts."

 "Oh, yeah, they're pretty," I say, blushing. I'm wearing turquoise high-waist shorts with white polka dots. He just smiles and looks away. "Niall?"

 "Yeah?" He raises and eyebrow and I hold back a laugh.

 "I think I should go now," I say getting up. "Thanks for having me over."

 "You're leaving?"

 "Uh huh. I need to... Um, make dinner."

 "I'll drive you. It's too far to walk. Lads, if you ruin the house I'll kill you." He grabs his keys and I follow him outside.

 I slide in and he starts the engine. "So, what do you think of the lads?"

 "They're a little strange. Liam and Zayn seem nice," I say quietly.

 "They are a little strange, but they're all sound." I smile at him. It's been ages since I've heard anyone say sound. I don't talk to anyone, though.

 "So, what are you into?" He asks.

 "Well, I've always liked horses. They fascinate me. You?"

 "Music. I love singing. And guitar, obviously."

 "You have an amazing voice."

 "Thanks," he laughs. All too soon we're back in the city. "Where do you live?"

 "Just down there. The third house." I point to my house. "Thank you for the lift," I smile, getting out.

 "Do you have a phone?" he asks.

 "Oh. Yeah." I hand it to him, confused. His own phone buzzes and I laugh. "Did you just text yourself off my phone?"

 "Now I have your number. Bye."

 "Goodbye, Niall," I call, waving. I walk up to my house and go in. Adam's in the kitchen, eating toast.

 "Where were you?"

 "I was going to g to the stables and bumped into Niall. I had a cup of tea at his house, then he dropped me home," I say nervously.

 "I'm going out tonight. I won't be back until Tuesday." That has to be the best news I've ever heard. "How come?"

 "Because I just am!" I flinch at the volume of his voice and go upstairs. I begin to text Niall. The boys had a food fight in his house and he's going mad.

 The door slams shut and I realise that Adam's just left.

 From: Niall :)

 Do you want to come over again tomorrow?

 To: Niall :)

 Yeah, okay. Nobody's home.

 From: Niall :)

 I'll be there in fifteen minutes.

 To: Niall :)

 What happened to tomorrow??

 From: Niall :)

 You're not spending a night alone.

 I sigh and begin to pack my nicest t-shirts, shorts and jeans. Smiling, I wait outside until I see his car pull up.

 The car ride's relatively silent. The boys are still there. I can hear them from the car. Niall shakes his head and walks towards the door. When he opens it, I flinch at the noise level. He turns the radio off and glares at Louis.

 It's eleven at night when I yawn. "Do you want to go to bed?" Niall asks. I nod sleepily and smile a little. Suddenly he goes a bit red. "I only have one guest room and the lads are staying over."


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