Help Me, That's All I Ask *One Direction Not Famous*

Susie's mother is gone. Her father is an alcoholic.
Each night she sleeps in a bed of her own tears. "But," she tells herself each time, "It's better to lie in your own tears than somebody else's..."


4. Chapter 4

 I sit in my room, playing with my bag strap. Before mam got taken I loved music. I have nothing to listen to music on now. I think about the boys; Niall and Liam. They weren't like Adam at all. Up until then, I though all men were like Adam.

 I stand up. He's so drunk he fell asleep again. He won't be waking up anytime soon. Just to make sure, I kick him hard in the head. I change my clothes and go into town. I decide to go to the country road to the stables.

 As I walk, many cars pass. One of them slows. "Do you want a lift?" My head snaps up to see a bright eyed Niall. I smile, opening the door. There's a girl with Liam in the back seat. I climb in the passenger side and he continues driving.

 "Where are you going, anyway?" I ask.

 "To our house. Where do you want me to drop you off?"

 We pass the stables. "I was just going for a walk. I's go back home and get something to eat."

 "What happened to your arm?" Liam asks. I look down and my face flushes pink. There are purple bruises from where Adam grabbed me last night.

 "Er, I walked into a door..." He raises his eyebrows, but sensing my distress, he leaves the subject alone.

 "Are the lads coming over, Niall?"

 "Yeah. They're staying tonight, but we're not having a party." Liam nods and starts talking to the girl.

 I look at Niall. He looks happier than he did in the hospital. "So, what did you do yesterday?" he asks, changing gears.

 "Oh... I, er..." Last night's events flashed through my mind. "Not much. I ate then went to bed. You?"

 "Pretty much the same. I have a dog. Are you allergic?"

 "No. Why?"

 "Do you want to come in for a cup of tea?" He turns down a drive. The car bounces slightly over the uneven gravel. We pull up to a white house that has ivy growing up the sides. It's surrounded by fields.

 In one field there's sheep. The others have horses. "Do you own the horses?"

 "No, I rent out the fields." He opens his door and climbs out. I do the same. Liam and the girl walk behind us, hand in hand. Niall unlocks the large brown door.

 The interior is much more glamorous. I look at the clean white walls and breath in the fresh smell. Niall smiles at me and walks into the kitchen. He flicks on the kettle and stands by the counter, waiting.

 He pulls out a tin of biscuits and sets it on a tray. My god, he's so fancy compared to my family. I shouldn't be here; I'm probably bringing a trail of dirt with me.


 "One, please."  He smiles at me again and passes me the cup. After pouring water into three more cups, he puts them an the tray and carries it to the sitting room.

 Liam and the girl are in deep conversation. "Susie, this is Alexa. She's my girlfriend."

 "Hi," I smile shyly, extending my hand. She smiles back. She has blue eyes and dirty blonde coloured hair.

 Niall whistles a few times and I hear dog paws on the ground. A dog walks around the corner of the couch. "Mango!?"

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