Catwoman is Back

Sabrina Kyle is the 16 year old great-niece of Selina Kyle, the original Catwoman. One day, when she is abducted and experimented on. She is injected with the DNA of a cat. Sabrina is now an actual cat woman. When she is black mailed to steal priceless artifacts, what will she do? And will she find out who Batman is? Set in the same time as Batman Beyond, there will be some interesting things happening. Especially, when Sabrina has to steal from Bruce Wayne.


7. Chapter 7

Before I go any further, let me clear up one thing that's on everyone's mind, I DO NOT HAVE ANY FUR BALLS AT ALL. IF YOU THINK SO, SAY IT TO MY FACE.

I woke up again in a soft, warm bed. My head hurt but that was it.

I remembered the way I was crushed and how I met Bass. I couldn't stop to think about that because I was in a bad, not cold on a beach.

My eyes snapped open. I was laying in a dark crimson four poster bed. I sat up quickly and noticed that the whole room was covered in dust. I got up off the bed.

That's when it struck me, I was in a soft pink (eww!! I'm a purple girl!) nightgown. It was pail, down to my knees (way too short for me) with pail blue buttons. It was a bit puffy, but the gown itself didn't worry me, it's who the heck put it on me?!?!

I walked out into the hall and stealthily moved down the hall. I heard a female voice saying "Where is she, Bruce?"

"Sleeping, in the guest room. You aren't going to see her," Bruce told her.

"Yes I will. She has some questions to answer. Most of which are from Mr. Powers," she said.

The hair on the back of my neck stood up at the name. I hissed slightly.

Well, answers to many of my questions were answered. I was at Wayne Manor. In the care of Bruce. I relaxed slightly at this.

"Powers can shut up and stuff his head up his--," another male voice started to say. It sounded like Terry.

"Terry," Bruce yelled. He shut up at once.

"I can give you two days, Bruce. That's it," the female said.

There was a door slam and a sound of sirens as the woman drove away.

"Go check on Sabrina, Terry," Bruce told him.

Terry started to walk up the stairs and was steadily getting closer. I ran up the Hal towards him and climbed up the wall with my nails. Huh, claws, sweet!

I stayed above Terry's head. I couldn't face him yet. Terry headed into my room and came running out.

"She's gone!"

I came off the ceiling and stalked Terry as he came to the end of the hall. When we reached the end I hid from the sight of Bruce.

"I can't find her!"

"Try asking her to come out. She probably thinks that we want to interrogate her. Most likely with torture. Don't you, Sabrina," Bruce called.

I kept still.

"Please come out. I know your there," Bruce said. Terry was looking around quickly. He misses me twice. Terry only saw me when I stepped out hesitantly.

Bruce smiled at me as I walked down the stairs as far from Terry as possible. I still didn't feel safe, even though I liked Bruce and Selina trusted him.

"Sabrina, how are you?"

I stayed silent.

"I'll call your aunt, she's been worried sick," he said.

Selina was over there a few minutes later. I was hesitant to go near her even. I guess nearly dying can do that to a person.

They kept their distance respectfully. For that I was grateful.

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