Catwoman is Back

Sabrina Kyle is the 16 year old great-niece of Selina Kyle, the original Catwoman. One day, when she is abducted and experimented on. She is injected with the DNA of a cat. Sabrina is now an actual cat woman. When she is black mailed to steal priceless artifacts, what will she do? And will she find out who Batman is? Set in the same time as Batman Beyond, there will be some interesting things happening. Especially, when Sabrina has to steal from Bruce Wayne.


5. Chapter 5

I heard the last of what Bruce said as I quickly walked to my room. Terry had not moved for a few seconds, probably processing the new information.

I ripped open the note and read it quickly. This was bad, I had to rob Bruce Wayne. Tonight.

I pocketed the note and put on my suit (I had just started thinking of it as mine). I heard some one coming up the stairs. I jumped out the window before the door opened.

The three came into my room and saw the black streak that was me run around a corner.

I hated what I had to do. This was going to be it, then I would go underground.

I rushed to Wayne Manner. There, I had to steal an abstract painting. I guess it was valuable. I don't know why.

I ran in and instantly into a foreboding sent. It was of a dog. I us to love dogs before I was kidnapped, now they hate me and I fear them.

I silently slipped though the lasers and passed the alarms. That's when the dog came in growling. He ran at me with a gleaming collar of spikes. His teeth were knife sharp.

I jumped on the wall, terrified. Then I jumped. I reached the painting an hurriedly climbed thru a skylight. I left the house as fast as I could, sure I had set off a silent alarm somewhere.

I went to the drop off. That was when I decided to stay and watch. I couldn't do this again and if I knew who was blackmailing me, I could stop him. That person was an idiot for picking me.

I waited and watched. A goon came and took the painting. He was oblivious to my tracking him. He led me to the headquarters of Wayne Powers.

There the painting was handed to a young man. He was dressed up, with black, slick hair and black, emotionless eyes to match. He greedily took the painting.

"Were you seen," he asked the goon. The goon shook his head. "Followed?" Another head shake. Did this guy ever speak?

"Good, go," the man said dismissively. I watched as a woman came into view.

"Mr. Powers, there is a man on the phone for you. He says his name is a Terry McGinnis," she said.

Oh, crap!!! Not only did Batman figure out who I am, but I've been working for a spoiled, rich, greedy brat, who got everything from his father. (Who, actually, turned out to be a homicidal, wanted criminal nicknamed Blight. No wonder he was a criminal, like father like son.)

Of course, I could say anything. My aunt was Catwoman and now I am. Of course, I was forced to become a criminal, so it's totally different.

I ran to the only friend that I had, after I changed. I was red in the face from running when I knocked on Diana's door. Her mother answered the door.

"Hello," she said.

"Hi," I huffed. "I'm looking for..... Diana. Is she... home?"

"Yes, dear. Let me go get her. My, you looked flushed. Would you like something to drink?"

"Yes, please. Milk if you have it." I got that and drank it down as Diana's mother went up stairs to get her.

When they both came down, Diana gave me a quizzing look. "What are you doing here," she asked as her mother went into the other room.

"I got in some trouble. I need a place to stay. I can't stay at home. They threatened my aunt," I huffed. "Please, help me."

"I don't know, what happens if they find you here. Who are 'they' anyway," she asked.

"I don't know," I lied. I couldn't tell her.

She looked at my face and saw my helplessness. "Fine, but only for a week."

I thanked her and was shown to my room. I didn't go to school that week, but I did follow Diana just incase. That's how I was found, she wanted to help and some one over heard her.

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