Catwoman is Back

Sabrina Kyle is the 16 year old great-niece of Selina Kyle, the original Catwoman. One day, when she is abducted and experimented on. She is injected with the DNA of a cat. Sabrina is now an actual cat woman. When she is black mailed to steal priceless artifacts, what will she do? And will she find out who Batman is? Set in the same time as Batman Beyond, there will be some interesting things happening. Especially, when Sabrina has to steal from Bruce Wayne.


4. Chapter 4

Batman started to walk around me. I flicked the whip at him. He side stepped it. We were both trying to find the strengths and weaknesses of the other.

"You did better coming than last time. I did even know you where here until Big Time came rushing out," he said.

"Funny, you have such advance tech and I only have an old suit and a whip, yet I could get passed the highest security," I said silkily.

Batman rushed forward. Fast. I jumped over him.

"Maybe. You are much better. Mind telling me your secret."

"Like a magician, I never revile my secrets. I will tell you this," I said as I scratched towards his face. He dodged.

"I practice."

Suddenly I spun and kicked him in the face. He fell, stunned. I bent down and lifted my hand.

I gently used the tip of my nail to scratch an X on his face. It went through the fabric and a little blood trickled out.

It was just enough to let me pick him out if I met him in the street. It would heal in about a week.

I got up and  was going on my way when Bats threw a Bat-a-rang. It cut my thigh as I flipped to avoid it. (It was coming at my head.) It barely scratched me, but it did draw a few drops of blood.

I ran then. BT was out and my job was done. Not only that, but if I stayed there was a greater risk of Bats figuring out who I was.

When I arrived home there was another note. I picked it up with out opening it. I went to bed and fell asleep.

The next day was dull. For about five minutes that is. Right after I woke up there was a knocking at the door. Selina was to trying to get up to get it.

"Sit down Selina, I'll get it," I told her.

I opened the door and low and behold, there was Bruce Wayne, with Terry. Bruce was wearing a black suit with a high collar and white shirt. He had wrinkles all over but looked younger than he was. His hair was gray and eyes a bright blue that seemed to have faded a little.

I never did describe Selina to you. Well, she has black, graying hair, with dull green eyes. They use to be grass green until she realized that she needed help to live. Then they started to gradually fade. She was thin and actually looked a lot like Bruce did. And looked younger than she was, too. I use to think that Selina might have gotten some of that old "plastic-surgery" stuff done. Now that I know she was Catwoman, it made sense. (I later asked and she steadfastly declined.)

I looked at Terry. He wore a black suit with a light blue shirt. He had a light red X on his left cheek. I gasped.

"What," Brice asked, starring at me.

"Nothing," I mumbled and ushered then into the living room.

Crap! Terry McGinnis was Batman! So, why was he working for Bruce? And who was the first Batman? I mean, Terry was my age and he could have been there like 60 years ago.

"Selina and I need to talk, Terry," Bruce said. That was a hint to get out and not to listen. That was not something I was going to do.

I had great hearing before the "Splicing" and even better after. There was nothing in the note about hearing, so I thought that it might be from the panther. I think they have the best.

Selina nodded for me to leave. Terry and I pressed our ears to the door.

"Selina, Catwoman is back. I have a sample of her blood," Bruce was saying.

"I know that there is a new Catwoman. I never met her before, Bruce," Selina told him.

"She has your outfit."

"I don't k ow who it is. I'm not like you, I didn't pass the torch to a teenager, like you did with Terry," she said. Found out the answers to my questions.

"You do know the new Cat. You just might not know it. We have her blood. It's a 65% match of your blood," Bruce said. Terry was still listening hard. He didn't even seem to care that I knew that he was Batman or that Bruce was Bats before him.

"Selina, I haven't even told Terry who it is."

This seemed to irritate Terry.

"It's Sabrina. And she isn't exactly human either."

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