Catwoman is Back

Sabrina Kyle is the 16 year old great-niece of Selina Kyle, the original Catwoman. One day, when she is abducted and experimented on. She is injected with the DNA of a cat. Sabrina is now an actual cat woman. When she is black mailed to steal priceless artifacts, what will she do? And will she find out who Batman is? Set in the same time as Batman Beyond, there will be some interesting things happening. Especially, when Sabrina has to steal from Bruce Wayne.


1. Chapter 1

Hey, my name is Sabrina Kyle. I'm 16 years old and I was the girl nobody looked at twice. That is until two months ago. Let me start at the beginning.

It was a perfect day. The sun was shinnying just enough that it didn't hurt your eyes when you stepped outside. The cars were all of the ground (a new thing for me, I lived in the poor part Gotham City) and the air was fresh and didn't smell (again, new).

Before I started off for school, I looked in the mirror. My shoulder length red hair was in a low pony tail, my completion was clear and pail with freckles, and my eyes blue eyes were covered with thick Harry Potter style glasses. My skinny frame was covered with boot-cut navy blue jeans, a light blue shirt (not that you would know it) and a dark purple zip up hoody. I loved wearing hoodies. As a matter of fact, I still do.

Anyway, I walked off to school. When I got there, there was a fight going on. It was between some jock and a guy named Terry McGinnis, a former jock and employee of billionaire Bruce Wayne.

For some reason, those two hated each other. No clue why. I wasn't as you'd say, in the IT crowd. Actually, I only had one person I actually considered a friend at school. Her name was Diana and she was Terry's girlfriend.

Terry was tall with black hair, dark brown eyes and a muscular build. Diana was slim, with a short black hair, short and a pair of dark blue eyes.

I walked past the fight as the principal ran to break it up. They were being idiots.

School went by quickly and without anything new happening. It was really dull, like every other day. What was notable about this day was what happened on my way home.

I already told you how I lived in the poor part of Gotham. That was true, but it was also the bad-I-would-never-go-there-under-my-free-will part, too. I had been living there with my great aunt. Her name is Selina. She had taught me self-defense when I was five. I was a black belt in Karate, Tia Qi, and Kung Fu when I was 10. It was easy, apparently I have a natural gift.

As I walked down my street, a man in a long brown coat started to follow her. About 50 feet away from the apartment door a hand was set on my shoulder. I turned and twisted it around. The man was too fast, he took my arm and spun it behind my back. He dislocated my shoulder. I blacked out. Just before I blacked out, I thought he was too fast and strong to be 100% human.

I woke up to a sharp pain in my right forearm. Someone was sticking me with a needle. I pulled away. I hated needles.

Someone pushed a mask onto my face. A man said "Quiet, it will be over soon. You will be a perfect spy." His voice faded out, but it made me nervous. I liked my life. I didn't want it to change.

Wait! This could all be a crazy dream.  I'll wake up in a hospital and my arm will hurt. That's what will happen. That's what I thought. I was an idiot.

I pieced together what happened while I was out later. This is what happened.

Batman was cloaked in the darkness. He watched a girl being stuck with needles. She woke up and was out under again.

He had seen enough. It looked as if they were Splicing her (altering her DNA to make it more like an animal's). They were doing something like that, just not that.

He sprang into action. Using his rockets in his boots, Batman flew over the doctors' heads and dropped on them. With a quick kick to the head of one, a punch to the nose, breaking it, to another and a hard head burr to the last person, Batman subside them.

He then injected a blood red, vial of liquid into the girl. He then flew her to the nearest hospital. She was fine but the liquid never worked. She hasn't been Spliced.

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