You are katniss' cousin. The hunger games still continue. Katniss turned on everyone. she took over the huge games. now people 15-21 go up. 5 boys and 5 girls come out alive. Will you survive the hunger games?


6. training pt 2

*With Louis And Phoenix*
Jasper: Ok, Lets do this. Louis step foward.
he stepps foward.
Jasper: What am I thinking.
Louis: ...... I wonder if he really can read my mind.
Jasper: Good. Your done easy enough?
Louis: No.
Jasper: What?
Louis:You heard me!!! Hahahaha!
He skippes over nextto phoenix who is laughing. 
Jasper: Phoenix?
She steppes foward.
Jasper: Say "Fly awaken"
Phoenix: Fly Awaken.
Golden wings appreared out her back.
Japer: Focas, Flap Your wings. Like a MockingJay.
She concintrated as hard as she could. The wings started to flap. She rose in the air. She had a smile on her face. Sheflew up down, left, right. Gracefully.
Phoenix: How do i land?
Jasper: Lean Back.
She did. she slowly came down to the ground. Her wings dissapered. 
Jasper: Perfect!
Mae: Ok, Niall You are first. Keeley come here.
She steppes foward. 
Mae: This might hurt some.
Keeley looked at her a little scared and confused. Mae took out a knife and stabbed Keeleys arm.
Keeley: ahhh! DAMN IT! WHAT THE HELL!
Mae: Niall come over here. put your hand over her cut. 
He did. 
Mae: Think erb, green, heath.
He is. Keeley has a tingling feeling over her cut. Niall removes his hand, Where the cut was its gone, theres not even a scar. 
Keeley: Woah.
Niall: Couldent of said it better myself. 
They laugh.
Mae: For keeley you need to practice. All you have to do is have your eyes open in the darn and your vision is good.
Keeley knodded.
Stella: Ok, Harry stand on the x.
He does. Stella: Ok skyle. Whisle.
She does Plantsburst threw the concreate and rap around harry. Harry struggles.
Skyle: How do i make it stop!?
Stella: Whisle twice.
she did the plants went back into the ground and the concreate got put back togeather where it was damaged.
Skyler: Holy crow
Harry: You can say that again
Skyler: Holy crow.
They Laughed.
Liam and i were sitting on the floor talking waiting for everyone to finnish. 
Gale: OK! Everyone listen up. You will train for one thing today, Then You will be interviewed on live telivision tomorrow. You will have all day tomorrow to prep with your costume designers and Guide! Get started!

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