You are katniss' cousin. The hunger games still continue. Katniss turned on everyone. she took over the huge games. now people 15-21 go up. 5 boys and 5 girls come out alive. Will you survive the hunger games?


5. training pt 1

They took us girls to a changing room we att got dressed. I stepped out Keeley had her brown hair in a pony tail. With white adiidias short top. Kinda like a bra. With gray botty shorts. and black and grey nike high tops. Phenix had her golden blond hair in a sid pony tail. She had on a blck livestrong shirt like keeleys. With black shorts and yellow running shoes. Blir had her dirty blong hair in a bun. she wore a black nike top (same style) With black nike shorts and white and black high top nikes. Skyler wore a black nike top with blackshorts with a treak of blue Linning the sidesand top, with blue shoes and her hair back in a messy bun. I wore my hair to the left in a ponytail. with a pink top and black and pink shorts. To top it off with pink shoes. We walked out. We had kinda the same outfit as the other person in our diistrict, Color wise anyway. The guides stepped out. Gale, Emmett, Stella, Mae, Ava, and Jasper. They worked with us to help us learn how to use out powers. Emmett helped me and Liam. 
E: Ok guys, I'm here to help you. Both of your powers are special. But a girl who can control fire, Thats Sexy. 
I blushed. Liam cleared his throut makng me laugh.
E: ok, __. Close your eyes.
I did as told. 
E: concintrate on fire.
I saw flames. Light up the darkness of my closed eyes.
E: let it controll You.
I let myself go. My eyes popped open. I lifted up my hand. Fire grew. The higher i lifted my hand, the taller the firse was. I saw targets. I smiled i lifted my other hand I bent my elbows, then extended my arms. The fire rushed to the target. Burining it. You could feel the heat. I closed my Hands in a fist the fire instently stopped. I loked at Liam. He smiled and clapped. I ran over to him and hugged him. he spun me around. He pcked my cheek after he sat me down.
E: Now Liam, Your strength, You just have to throw stuff around to keep it there. Try the bag of flower. Liam walked over to it and effertlessly threw it.
E: Dead buck.
Liam walked over to it and threw it over his soulder with no truble. He threw w more things around. He turned and flexed to me i laughed. and did the same to him. We Bursted out Laughing.
A: Ok lets get to wrk blair your up first.
She stepped forward.
A: Run.
B: Run?
A: run. 
She ran in a complete cirle around the training center. when you noticed she was gone, he was back. 
A: ok! now zayn!
Ava handed him a sword. 
Ava: throw it. 
He did as told
A: snap your faingers.
He did. The weapon came Back fast. They all ducked.
A: work on catchinging
Z: (sarcasticly) Really!?!?

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