You are katniss' cousin. The hunger games still continue. Katniss turned on everyone. she took over the huge games. now people 15-21 go up. 5 boys and 5 girls come out alive. Will you survive the hunger games?


1. the beggining

Katniss Cousin, Louis Tomlinson sister, 17

___'S Brother. Katniss cousin 21

Niall Horan
Glimmer's brother 19

Gale's cousin 19

Rue's Cousin 18

Finnick's brother 19

One Direction does not yet exist in this story... Yet.
Story: *Your P.O.V*
Hi my name is ___. Yeah, im the cousin of Katniss Everdeen. But, she turned on us. She started the Hunger Games back up. Though she made changes. Its now for people ages 15-21. 5 guys and 5 girls come out alive. She wants more people to suffer the way she did. even if that means putting her family back in danger. Her kids got killed in the games.Petta was killed by Gale. Katniss hates him more than ever. Katniss died a month ago. who killed her? Unknown. Am i glad? Yes. Do I miss her? Yes.
We had a um, Difficult relashinship. i have 4 best friends. Liam payne district 12. Harry Styles district 6.
Zayn Malik district 1. Niall Horan district 11. My brother Louis Tomlinson is in district 2. So yeah, This is the 89th Hunger Games. Our presidents name is Rhonda. The grandchild of president snow. The Head game maker name is Allegra. The costume makers are: Olive and Sadie. Our new "Effie" is Violet. Our guides are: Gale, Emmett, Stella, Mae, Ava, and Jasper. Today is district 1's drawing. I clicked my watch to call zayn to wish him luck.
Zayn: Hello
___: Hey Zayn!
zayn: oh Hey ___!
___: I called you to wish you luck!
zayn: oh, Thanks love! I need it!
___: Your welcome!
zayn: well i got to go the drawing is in 30 minutes.
___: Oh, ok Bye Zayn!
Zayn: Bye love!
I warmed up some milk. I nervously sat in the front of the t.v. I switched it on. Violet walked up to the microphone. She had fire red hair and a orange jump suit. 
Vioet: Ladies and Getlemen welcome to the annual 89th Hunger Gmes! and may the odds be eva in you favor!
She walked ober to Big bowl. She reached all the way to the bottom and pick one. Then walked back to the microphone. she opened the paper.
Violet: Tori Vega!
A girl with long hair a little pit past her shoulders and brown eyes walked forward. 
Violet: Now boys!
She walked back to a diffrent bowl. my hear punded. She walked back.
Violet: Zayn Malik
___: NOOOOO!

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