You are katniss' cousin. The hunger games still continue. Katniss turned on everyone. she took over the huge games. now people 15-21 go up. 5 boys and 5 girls come out alive. Will you survive the hunger games?


2. my luck

Tears streemed down my face. Not Zayn. He would never make it! In a hour the next drawing will start. This time i called my brother Louis. Convo:
Lou: Hello? you: Hey Louis! Lou: Hey ____! Have you been crying? you: Yeah, Zayn got picked. Lou: Im so sorry! You: its ok! good luck today! Lou: Thanks! but its my last year. Yay! you: *giggle* Yeah! I love you! Lou: Love you too Bye! You Bye! END OF CONVO
45 minutes to his drawing. Someone knocked on my door. I got up and awnsered it. There stood my best friend Liam Payne! I hugged hima nd invited him in. We sat on the couch. Liam: I saw your friend Zayn got picked, so i brought you bread and soup. You: Thanks Lili! Eat with me?
liam: Sure love! We ate, Joked and laughed at nothing. I then looked at the clock. You: Its Time! I turned on the t.v. Vioet was at the microphone same outfit as earlier. Violet: May the ods be eva in your favor! Ladies first. she walked over to one of the two big bowls. She grabbed the very first one she tuched. she walked back to the stand. sje opened the paper. Violet: Zora Flimming. A girl with short black hair and brown eyes came forward. Violet walked over to the other bowl and picked a name then walked back. Violet: Louis Tomlinson. You:..... I could not move or say a word. Liam: Love are you ok? You... Liam: Hello? ____? You: DOES IT LOOK LIKE IM OK! MY BROTHER IS GOING TO DIE! Liam:.... You: sry Lili Liam: Its ok i undestand. he will be ok. you: Look at him! hes scared to death! Liam: Its ok love! Lets watch his compatition. Profiles for distristirics 3-5. Girl district 3: Haper: Long red hair brown eyes. Boy district 3: Manny Livings: Buzz cit black hair blue eyes. Girl districs 4: Keeley Lane: Brown hair to shoulders brown eyes. Boy district 4: Chickie Powell: Blond "Bieber cut" Hair, brown eyes. Girl district 5: Phoenis Adams: Golden Blond hair, sea blue eyes. hair to lower back. Boy District 5: Henery Smith: Short brown hair green eyes. END OF PROFILES
Time skip 4 hours later You: With my luck today Haryy is going to be picked! Liam: Think positive! You: Fine harry is not going to get picked and we are going to live hally ever after! Liam: *Laughs* Violet: Ladies first! Ruth James! you: Aww! Hary's x girlfriend. Liam: what happened? You: she was a poophead. Liam: *laughs* Violet: For boys, Harry Styles You: OF COURSE!

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