Alison, (Look up Alison Dilauurentis, from Pretty Little liars, thats how she looks)
Is getting texts from -A. She changes her life forever, putting foreclosure on her surroundings by mKing a simple mistake.


1. Where It All Starts

"Mum, we have no butter!" I yelled. "I thought you went shopping, Ali" my mom yelled back, over the sound of beating pans, dumping milk, and a alarm for 7 a.m going off. "No, I went to buy Sean a birthday present", I said. I just grabbed my hand bag, absent work, and scattered to the door, but my mom stopped me. , "You need to eat", she insisted. "School has protein bars mom, I am okay. I ran out the door. 15 minutes wasted. I smiles as Sean pulled up in hia car. "W Hanna , I thought" I started, but Sean cut me off. "Fixed it, get in" he smirked. "You, Hanna.. I am so not driving in a fucking race car with you". I said. "Slow the..freak down" Sean insisted"We broke up, I am nearly taken by Steph" "Nearly? Who do you fucking think I am? I don't hang out with guys that go like, I am NEARLY taken". "WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!?" I yelled. I ran towards the intersectipn, Sean went past me. Nearly taken? So, consodering he just got in a break up, He's taken already? He wasted 5 minutes of my life. I ran into achool. I got a text message. 'Aw, your keeping secrets from Hanna? I'm watching you.' -A "Its just Bri's pranks" I said. "Hey" Bri said. "Good prank, you fucking lunitic. Stalking me, In the girls locker room?" She said, shoving her phone in my face. 'I seen you and Emily -A' . "Look, Brianne. I got one too. I showed her my phobe 'Secreta from Hanna? I'm watching you -A'
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