Truth or dare

Fanfic One Direction - Liam, Lou, Niall, Zayn, Harry, Eleanor, Sophia, Perrie and Skye decides to play truth or dare. What happens? :)


1. The Calls

It was early afternoon and the guys didn't have anything to do. It was pretty bad weather and the boys wanted to do something fun while they were on break from the famous life.

"What u wanna do boys?" Louis said and smiled to the guys.

"We can bring over the girls and just hang out?" said Liam directly and smiled big. "Yeah, they were gonna have a little hang over just the girls so i could ask if they wanna come over?"
Louis nodded and the boys called the girls


''Hello?'' Perrie said after she had been answering the phone. Eleanor stood next to her so she could hear what they said.

''Do you guys wanna come over and just have a hang out? I know u girls r being girls but we could just have a night together?" He said and u could hear he was excited for the night. "Niall, Lou, Harry and Zayn was already sitting on the floor with some pillows and blankets."

Perrie smiled.

"It's okay for me." She said.

"Me to!" Liam heard Eleanor say in the background.

"Yeah, Eleanor also want to." Perrie said laughing a little.

"But you girl can take two friend with you? So we r 5 boys and 5 girls?" he said with a smile and gave Liam, Niall and Harry a knowing look.

"Sure!" Perrie said as she hung up the phone. She called Skye after, because she certainly didn't have anything to do. It was such a day and the girls had become good friends during the spring.


"Hey. You wanna go with us to some friends?"

It was Eleanor who called this time. I looked outside the window at the dark clouds which were covering the sun up from making the day seem more happy.

"I don't know. I don't even know who your friends is." I said.

"Come on. We just gonna hang out and talk bout boys.'' Perrie said in the background with a little girly giggle.

''Well, I don't think I am gonna do anything else....... Okey, But just this time.'' I said.

''Yey! You're the best'' Eleanor said before she hung up the phone.

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