Truth or dare

Fanfic One Direction - Liam, Lou, Niall, Zayn, Harry, Eleanor, Sophia, Perrie and Skye decides to play truth or dare. What happens? :)


2. Hang over

I wasn't sure if i was gonna actually go with them but i decided after a while that I wouldn't have done anything fun anyways. I changed my clothes and made myself prepared to look okay. I had been in comfortable clothes all day and hadn't any thoughts of going out.

"Hey!" Perrie said as soon as she saw my fashion choic. "We're going to the guys and hang out. Not going to the disco!"
looked down at the summer dress and wondered if i would ask Perrie to borrow her clothes but decided to not care. It was just clothes. I then looked up at Perrie and laughed a little embarrassed.
"To my defense, I looked rubbish before put this on so don't comment!"
Perrie just laughed at me and walked towards the door.
"Eleanor's sitting out in the car and waiting for us!"
I put on my jacket and shoes. Then hurried after Perrie to the car.
"So who is it that we are going to?"
Perrie laughed some more and got in the car. She looked at me when I got in the car
"U know my boyfriend Zayn? Yeah, him and the other boys."
I smiled.
Perrie nodded and put her seatbelt on before Eleanor started the car to drive to the boys house.
"U will have fun, don't worry bout it."


I didn't say anything through the entire driving route. I was just listening to when Perrie and Eleanor talked about future plans in the front seat. When they turned into a street, Perrie turned around and looked at me with a smile.
"And we r here!"
I just smiled in response but took several deep breaths. I
 was nervous when it came to meeting new people. But it was too late for regrets now!

Eleanor stopped the car outside a large white house and turned to face me.
"Harry are living here and it's his house as we tend to be in!"
I just nodded in reply and jumped out of the car. What would happen now?


Eleanor leapt to the front door and opened it without having to call on the door bell.
"A girls attack!"
Perrie laughed and almost pushed me through the door.
"Just remember to stay calm!"
Then Perrie ran straight into Zayns arms and kissed him quickly.
"Hey, big guy!"
He laughed in response and then looked at me.
"And you're the famous friend?"
Perrie nodded in reply and saw Niall come out in the hall. 
He looked at me. "Hello and welcome!"

i finally came into a large room.
"Hey!" i said weakly and shyly.
"This is Skye!" said Eleanor direct and released Louis. "And these are the guys!"

Everyone said hello to me in the mouth of another. 

​"But u were gonna take two girls over, what happened to the other one?" Niall asked as he grabbed some crisps from a bowl. 

Eleanor shock her head. "The girl I called couldn't come over. She was gonna go out on a disco."


Eventually Liam stood up and a girl came downstairs. She walked over to Liam and totally bitch blicked me. 
"This is Sophia!"
Liam said and looked at Sophia. When I looked at her i only saw a girl with big boobs and fake lips. I didn't get what he saw in her.
"Hey!" She said and a fake smile.


Harry came down stairs with a 8 pack of beer. 
''Someone who want beer?'' 

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