Dancing In Heaven (1D FANFICTION) Amelia Brown

Copyright Amelia Brown* Amelia is no ordinary girl. She struggles when kidnapped and wakes up in a strange assemblage. She befriends a girl in the same position she is, and they begin solving where they are. Along the way, Amelia finds someone she thought forgot about her.


1. Amelia and Nicole Chapter 1

 Amelia's P.O.V.

I carressed my fragile body. The wind blew my blonde hair furiously in different directions. The soft and bitter fresh snow slithered its way up to the lace dress that sucked to my perfectly tanned skin. At first, the coldness nipped at my skin, a small amount of pain, then nothing. My body was numb, no matter how hard I tried to get up I ended up pounding onto the snow. I looked at the my deadly and beautiful surroundings. The bushy evergreen trees were flushed in white snow, the sky was clouded in heavy fog and snow. I shivered, but I wasn't cold. I was scared, terrified at the thought of never being found. I forced myself not to cry, big girls don't cry. Thats what my mom said, and I wanted her to be proud. Soon, my ocean blue eyes drooped and I curled into a tight ball, wrapping my arms around my legs and laying my head into my skinny thighs. I fell into a deep slumber, a dreamless sleep. Scintilla light glistened in the sky, and as they vanished new ones reappeared. A sumptous lace pink dress covered my body, down to my knees. My blonde hair fell in waves that rippled down my back, I had on beautiful makeup that made me glow so much, I could see my reflection on the ground. I realized where I was as soon as I noticed my attire, Heaven.


Nicole's P.O.V.

My soft, pale skin became cracked and dry. The oversized yellow shirt I wore stained to my body, and sweatpears balled on my forehead and underarms. My brown hair was sticky and greasy, caking to my back. My emerald eyes pounded in pain. My tongue had a huge dry splotch that wouldn't moisten, even with saliva. Cactuses were surrounding me, I was frozen in fear of the plants pricking me. The plants conflated together making everything I saw clearly, green. I was dehydrated, so I shifted my awkward position into a more appealing one. My eyes shut, and I fell asleep. My head shot up, I noticed my right arm throbbed in pain. I shut one eye, and slowly peeked at my arm. Big mistake. A cactus must've sliced my arm while I was sleeping, so red liguid oozed out of a cut the size of my entire arm. I clenched my teeth, and squeezed the most severe part of my wound tightly. I don't think I'm going to make it.


A/N One Direction will come later. How do you guys like it so far?

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