Dancing In Heaven (1D FANFICTION) Amelia Brown

Copyright Amelia Brown* Amelia is no ordinary girl. She struggles when kidnapped and wakes up in a strange assemblage. She befriends a girl in the same position she is, and they begin solving where they are. Along the way, Amelia finds someone she thought forgot about her.


2. A new companion Chapter 2

Amelia's P.O.V. They're are ups and downs to dying. A good thing is that you are freed from the ecruciating pain or sickness. A bad thing is, I had a special guy in my life. "If only Niall were here," I whispered to myself. After sulking, I decided to do something fun. I scrunched my hands into a fist and made it my 'microphone'. I started to sing Just Give Me A Reason by p!nk and danced until my feet ached. Its almost like old times I thought to myself. Except, Niall wasn't singing with me. I wonder if he was worried about me, or maybe he's already kissing another pair of lips. He is famous.


Nicole's P.O.V. I woke up, feeling refreshed and, a crazy thing for me to say but pretty. I was laying in golden grass, and sparks of light flashed in the sky. Except, the sky wasn't blue but yellow. There was no sun, no clouds, nothing but blank the blank color. I felt a soft light fabric brush against my knees, and oh no I was wearing a dress! I swore to myself I would never wear a dress while I was alive. Which only meant one thing: I must be dead. I wasn't shocked or surprised, I expected it. Dehydration can cause death, I was in need of water before I died. You know when people say ' I wanna die young'? Well, lemme tell all you people, no you don't. I thought about what has happened to me, then got up, stretching finished with a long yawn. I heard an angelic voice echo through this strange place, probably Heaven. Thats my guess. Anyways, I silently tiptoed to the spot where I first sensed the beautiful voice. I saw a gorgeous girl twirling on the gold grass, her flush pink lace dress danced around her body. Her blonde hair fell down to her waist, in loose waves down her back. Her eyelashes almost reached her perfectly plucked eyebrows and were slicked up with mascara. A complimenting color of blush layered her cheeks and a small layer of bronzer was brushed onto her face. To top off the look, a pink lipstick slathered on her lips and a pair of diamond earrings pierced her ears. Silver heels were on her feet, gosh I sound like a lesbian. But, who cares? If you're born to be gay or a lesbian then be yourself. My brunette hair fell slighly passed my shoulders and was straightened to perfection. Golden flats were squished under my feet and a gold belt hung loosely around my dress. Just like the pretty girl, I had on a little makeup. Nude lipstick, foundation to cover up some blemishes, and a little blush. 'Excuse me?" I call out, nervous to see what the girl will say.

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