Protect Me.

Jason McCann: heartless bomber out for revenge. Boelle Stokes: the only daughter of officer Nick Stokes. When their two paths cross, sparks fly and trouble arises.


2. "I'm Bo, and you are?"

Bo's P.O.V


"He's not somebody that you'd want to meet, hon." she said, getting up off of the couch.


"Okay... but why is he that scary?"


"Bo... He's had a run-in with your father before. It didn't end well. Nick put him in jail for bombing a funeral, we let him go because he was forced to do it... But it turns out that we were wrong. His brother, Alex, did it. We hunted him down, your dad killed him because he was going to shoot Catherine, and Jason was not happy about it.


"Jason followed your father's every move since then. That was the time when you were in California for the summer, and it was good thing you were, too. Jason planted a bomb in your own home. Your dad found it, and called the bomb squad. Jason didn't stop there. He kept threatening your dad, but eventually we got him. We locked him up! Everything was fine!" She explained in greater detail.


"Then why do I have to worry?" I asked, smiling.


"....Bo. He was in jail. WAS. He escaped last night."


My smiled immediately dropped to the floor. There's a bomber out to get my father. He's loose! Wha- what do I do?! Will my father be okay??


"That's why you can't go to school for a while. We need you here. Under our protection. He didn't know Nick had a daughter because you weren't here, but if he does find out that you're Nick's daughter, he'll come after you. We can't have that, Bo. We can't."


I nodded, and laid back on the leather couch. "When will I get to see my friends again?"


"When it's all safe."


Jason's P.O.V


Ha, what now Nick? I escaped, and I'm better than ever. I've grown, I've gotten stronger, smarter, wiser. You can't outsmart me. Not anymore... Not again. I threw open the door to the Range Rover, and hopped out of it. Immediately Dusty ran to greet me.


Dusty, believe it or not, is my dog. He's a golden retriever-lab mix, and my best friend. The last time I saw him was right before Nick and his stupid officers came and captured me. In fact, I was in the middle of playing catch with Dusty. One second I threw the ball as far as I could into the woods, and the next second was being thrown into the back of the cop car.


Dusty's the only person- or thing- that I can rely on. He'll do anything for me, I can trust him. "Hey, Dust! Who's a good boy??" I asked him in an excited voice. Dusty barked happily and jumped on me. "Yeah! That's right! YOU ARE!!!"


When Dusty jumped down, I walked to the trunk of my new Range Rover and carried the supplies into the house. What supplies? Bomb supplies... and food. I was hungry.


You see, I have a plan. A genius plan that will outsmart any cop. Here's the plan: wait a while, lay low, and then when they think I'm gone (they always do), I'll strike! But, for now... I'll snoop! Fool around with Dusty, maybe. Yeah. That sounds great!


I plop down on the couch in my small cabin and turn on the T.V.


"BREAKING NEWS: Jason McCann has-"


Yeah, yeah... Whatever. Something else.


"Jason McCann, the seventeen year old criminal-"


Gah! Do they have anything good on?! Something NOT about me?? I flick through the channels... McCann, Jason, Jason McCann, Boy Escaped From Prison, Criminal on the Loose... Wow, they're seriously scared... HA!


I kept channel searching, and finally I found the best show: SpongeBob. Don't judge. He's awesome.


Bo's P.O.V


*Two months later*


"Sara, I think he's gone." my dad told Sara. "He hasn't done anything. Nobody's seen him anywhere, we've checked EVERYWHERE! He must be 1) dead, or 2) incredibly bored with us."


"Yay! School!" I exclaimed. "Woah... Did I just say, 'yay' and 'school' in the same sentence?!" I'm freaking myself out!


I picked up my backpack, and texted my best friend Allie about me coming back to school.


*The next day at school*


I walked through the halls with Allie, and we were literally just laughing at nothing. "Wait, what are we laughing about?" Allie asked.


"... I don't know!" that caused us to laugh even harder.


I've missed Allie more than anything over the past two months. I cant believe it's been that long! And Jason didn't even attempt anything. All that I know is that I'm safe. The warning bell snapped me out of my thoughts and Allie and I made our way to class.


The day went by fast, school ended, and now I'm in the mall with Allie. We're not doing anything special, just hanging out. I was laughing at the sight in front of me: Allie trying on sunglasses too big for her face, when something hit my back.


I spun around to see boy wearing dark sunglasses. He had a scowl on his face, but it suddenly disappeared. "S-sorry." he apologized. "Wasn't looking where I was going."


"Oh, it's alright! You're forgiven." I smiled up at the incredibly attractive boy standing in front of me, and turned back around to Allie.


I thought I might feel his presence leave, but I didn't. I slowly turned around again, and he was standing there, closely observing the items on the shelf in front of him. It was weird, though, cause the shelf had lady stuff on it...


"Uh... Pardon my intruding, but... You do know that you're closely inspecting a box of tampons, right?" I giggled.


His head snapped in my direction, and he threw the box back on the shelf. Literally, he threw the box! "Ew..." he mumbled. I giggled more at his reaction.


"Are you in need of help, or something?" I asked.


"Uh... Yeah, actually. I was looking for the dog toys and treats. My dog back home is getting restless."


"Oh! I know just where that is! Allie, I'll be back!" I told her. "Follow me!"


The boy followed me as we maneuvered through the many aisles of Target, heading towards the doggy aisle. When we got there, I glanced at him, and he was smiling hugely. Aww, really loves his dog!


He chuckles. "Yeah, I really do."


Huh? Did I say that out loud! "Oh! Sorry... Didn't know I said that out loud..."


He chuckled again, and thanked me for showing him around. "No problem! I'm Bo, and you are?" 

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