Protect Me.

Jason McCann: heartless bomber out for revenge. Boelle Stokes: the only daughter of officer Nick Stokes. When their two paths cross, sparks fly and trouble arises.


1. "Who's Jason McCann?"

Bo's P.O.V

'Don't even think about it, buddy! You cant lay a finger on me you disgusting bag of nothing!' I yelled at the criminal before me. He still advanced toward me without regret. 'I'm going to tell my dad!' I screamed louder. The figure just laughed at me and kept advancing closer and closer. 'Stupid girl. Don't you understand that your dad is dead?' What?! No! He-he can't be dead... 'Bo,' the criminal said. 'Bo, Bo, Bo..'


"Bo! Hey! Wake up!" I shot my eyes open to see my father, Nick Stokes, standing above me in his work uniform. "Time for school, kiddo!"


"School..." I sighed. "It's worse than prison."


"Hey, don't go there, Bo! Come on! Waffles on the stove!" my dad said, flicking me in the nose.


"OOH!" I screamed. "WAFFLES!"




Hey, everybody, I'm Bo Stokes. Actually, my real name is Boelle Stokes, but I largely prefer Bo. So, my father is THE Nick Stokes, head officer for the Las Vegas FBI. Yeah, I know. SUPER cool!


He's a weirdo underneath that cool FBI vest. Actually, he's just like me!  A SpongeBob fan, Harry Potter fanatic, and waffle obsessed person. Anywho, my mommy died when I was six.. Oh yeah! I'm seventeen, by the way! My father is my best friend. Has been, always will be.


Since my Daddy is huge cop, I'm constantly being protected. I cant leave the house without my daddy, I need to be around friends or in my dad's office in my free time. It's not so much a chore as it is second nature, though! So it's all good.


Favorite color is Sunset (a reddish-orangey-pink), favorite food is waffles, best friend is Allie Sampson, and I have a little itty-bitty Saint Bernard puppy by the name of Bernard. I love music, making people laugh, and I'm incredibly childish.

Now that you know more about me, lets carry on with the story!




"Mmm, those waffles were the bomb, Daddio!" I exclaimed.


"Only the best for weirdest girl on the plannet!"


"Aww, thanks, Daddy!" I stand up, kiss him on the cheek and grab my back pack. "I'm ready to goo!"


"Alrighty, but we have to stop off at the office for a bit before, alright?"


I nod, and we're out the door. We climb into his awesome black Range Rover, and start our drive to the police station. When we arrived, the air was tense. I don't know why, though... Weird.


When we entered the station, Sara ran up to my dad and whispered frantically into his ear. "WHAT?!" he yelled.


"Shh..." was all I could hear from Sara. They continued to whisper, and I continued to stare. Finally, they stopped whispering, and Sara walked up to me. "Hey, hon. So, minor set back... Lets go to your dad's office and I'll tell you all of the details, okay?"


I nod, and we walk to my dad's office. Sara is my other mother. She's there for me when my dad cant, when I need motherly advice, or I just need a mom. I love her with all of my heart. Anyways, as we walked down the halls, the station was incredibly quiet. It's never this quiet.


Finally, I hear a sound. "Catherine! We've got something!" Oh, that's not that important...


Sara led me into the office, and closed the door behind her. Her smile was sincere, and it had a trace of worry in it. What's going on? "Hon, you can't go to school today... Or for a little while."


"Why?" I asked, sitting on the couch. "What's going on?"


She sighed and looked me straight in the eye. "It's dangerous for you, hon... A criminal, one that hates us... Especially your father... Is out there somewhere."


"So? There's been many of those in my lifetime, and I've been alright."


"I know, hon... But this is different. The criminal... It's Jason McCann."


"Who's Jason McCann?"

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