Creepypasta Stories

Creepypasta are scary stories that are spread throughout the interweb via email or blogs.


5. Short Story Number 4

Miss Massacre

(Warning, this may contain nightmarish content. Do Not Read if scared/scarred easily)

She smiled and stroked his cheek with the cold chains wrapped around her fist. "Yes, yes, scream, no one will hear you out here. Scream. I love it." She smiled as she whispered these words into his ear. He cringed away as best he could. The poor man whimpered but stayed silent. His throat was sore and his limbs ached from being stretched.

She backed away from the man. She was becoming board with her new toy. He wasn't nearly as pleasing as she thought he would be.

"You no longer please me," She picked up a large butcher knife and smiled at him, "so I am going to get rid of you." She walked over to the wide-eyed, old, balding man. She took the knife and drew it across his throat, giving him a necklace of red. Still smiling she dug the blade in and listened to his gurgling screams as he drowned in his own blood.


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