Creepypasta Stories

Creepypasta are scary stories that are spread throughout the interweb via email or blogs.


2. A Short Story

He felt Something. Staring at his back. He turned to see if anything was behind him. Nothing. But he knew this feeling, he had felt it once before, in this same town. He had investigated the sensation, trying to fallow it, but it had only led to a mugging. But the eyes on his back were not human. They were supper natural.

Slowly clouds cover the already dark sky and a ominous wind blows, running it's cold finger down his spin.

He hears laughter, cold and hysterical. He turns, his heart is beating fast. "Who is their?"

A voice answers from the shadows on the side of the road. "Why do you walk alone?"

He looks around.

Suddenly he sees the eyes. The eyes are what trap him in time. The wide, lidless eyes. "GO TO SLEEP!" He yells and jumps at the lone man. The man try's to fight back but fails.

He is dead in a manner of moments. Jeff The Killer laughs. "Stupid man. I saw you before, but I didn't kill you." He laughs and walks away, new blood soaking his already bloody sweatshirt.

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