I've been here all my life, living in complete solitude. I've prepared for anything that comes my way, but not the human race. They care about nothing but themselves, and have no mercy. After finding my way into a dangerous situation, I'm forced to abandon all Ive ever known for a new feeling inside.


1. Prologue

He tilts his chin up and slides the knife gently against my bruised cheek. His eyes flicker with a burning passion of hate for me. I feel my heart beat against my chest between shallow breaths as I slowly close my eyes. The pressure of the knife against my face increases and I feel blood trickle down to my shoulder. The damp air around me grabs at my skin. I steady my breathing as the knife is pulled away from my jaw. My eyes cautiously open to find him backing away slowly, eyes fiery red. His eyes narrow into thin slits as he seemingly peers into the depths of my mind. If he can read my thoughts, he will kill me.

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