I've been here all my life, living in complete solitude. I've prepared for anything that comes my way, but not the human race. They care about nothing but themselves, and have no mercy. After finding my way into a dangerous situation, I'm forced to abandon all Ive ever known for a new feeling inside.


3. Chapter Two

     Lights flash behind the shades of my eyelids. A fluttering sound fills my ears and I awake from my deep sleep. 

     Beep. Beep. Beep. I hear an eerily human gasp behind me and my eyes immediately open wide. My naturally quick reflexes allow me to be on my feet faster than the unknown man can grab for me. 

     I'm fast on my feet as I shuffle behind me into another man. I finally realize that I'm surrounded and have no chance against these armed men. 

     They seem prepared, as if they set out to find me or something. 

     I bite my lip and smirk, letting them know they haven't seen the best of me. Although I surrender by kneeling and staring into one of the soldier's eyes, I know they don't have me defeated-- yet. 

     The next thing I hear is something whizzing to my arm. I brace myself by tensing, but the bullet penetrates like a knife to butter. I wince and slump down at the impact. I reach for my arm, but a searing pain travels through my body before my fingers reach the bullet. 

     My vision becomes blurry and my muscles are weak. I feel myself slipping into a dark place. 

     The last thing I see before drifting off is men in black surrounding me with guns yielded.

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