I've been here all my life, living in complete solitude. I've prepared for anything that comes my way, but not the human race. They care about nothing but themselves, and have no mercy. After finding my way into a dangerous situation, I'm forced to abandon all Ive ever known for a new feeling inside.


4. Chapter Three

     A light. A cough. A pen click. A buzz. 

     When I open my eyes, I feel muscles being stretched and pulled outward. My body is tired and weak as I try to pry my hands out of the strong hold. 

     I look up to find that my wrists are binded into a metal machine along with my bare feet. I've been stripped of my clothes to be vulnerable in my undergarments. 

     On the other side of the room, long metal tables are lined with sharp objects. It looks like a scene from a horror movie, except for the people. They are clean and crisp, with glasses and tuxedos. 

     One man clicks his pen furiously while staring at a paper on his lap. A woman stands in the corner with her arms crossed, fists bloody.

     Although my senses aren't very alert, I know that she must have done something to me. I am too weak to think as I usually do, so I muster up all my strength to speak.

     "Wher- who are you?"

     The man looks up sharply and reveals his glossy grey eyes. The woman by the bolted door doesn't bother to look up, and instead examines her nails.

     "I'm Cheif Marley."

     He has a booming voice, which isn't very friendly. 

     "Now that you are awake I can begin testing" he speaks.

     He turns around and the woman looks up from her hands for the first time. 

     "Amra, bring in the doctor."

     I focus my hazy eyes to the door, which easily opens with a passcode. Chief Marley shuffles his papers and stacks them neatly on the desk.

     His long bony fingers reach towards a small lever built into the wall. As soon as the switch is pulled down, a jolt of electricity shoots through my veins. I let out a loud shriek and he chuckles.

     "I always get a kick out of that."

     I narrow my eyes, but feel awakened. I am more alert, and have more energy. I steady my breathing and try to act meek and sickly so they won't suspect anything and stop giving me this boost of energy and strength. 

     "Ahh yes subject 79."

     I bring my attention to the short, rotund man entering the room. He pulls his white latex gloves on and stands with his back toward me.

     He turns to me with a sharp hooked object and smiles evilly. His hand waves in the air as he makes his way toward my vulnerable body.

     "My goodness, what a healthy looking subject."

     His eyes look me up and down, while I continue to stare daggers into him. Oh if looks could kill, everyone would be dead long ago.

     He slowly reaches for my mouth and pries it open with his fingers. He prods around in my mouth until I come up with a perfect idea.

     I tense my jaw and bite down as hard as I can. I feel a crack in his index and middle finger, followed by a stabbing pain in my stomach.

     He pulls his hand out and cradles the shattered bone. I know I've given him something to worry about.

     I feel something wet leak from my abdomen, so I peer down. I see the tool fixed into my gut, stuck in at an angle so acute that I swear it was hooked in.

     I reflexively reach for the wound, but don't realize the restrictions on my limbs. I let out a high pitched screech as the pain tears through my body at the speed of light.

     The muscular woman rushes over to the doctor, who is now clenching his jaw trying not to kill me on the spot.

     I only smile mockingly and struggle to ignore the pain. Chief Marley furiously scribbles notes on a notepad before shoving it into his pocket.

     He gets to his feet and I finally witness his tall stature. He is lean and tall, with dark hair and a blank expression.

     I remember the time I played a popular computer game with my father, where you had to collect 16 scripts from an eerie place. I can't recall the name, but I do remember the man at the time of your death.

     Before the screen turned to static, a tall, long figure stood in front of you. It lacked a face, and wore a suit and tie. I can't help but smile at the resemblance. 

     He mutters something to himself before saying, "Come, we will have Hurley deal with this problem."

     They both turn to Marley, then back at me. They obediently leave the room, fear trailing behind them.

     When the woman shuts the door behind her, the lights turn off. I am left completely alone in the pitch black, half naked. This situation doesn't seem too safe for me.

     I don't know how long it's been, but I am pretty sure Father is worried. I deliberately didn't follow his rules, and look where I ended up. I just hope he doesn't find out it was all my fault.

     I feel my left shoulder joint pop out of the socket and a muscle tears. I bite on my tongue to keep from screaming, but I know I can't hold this any longer.

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