I've been here all my life, living in complete solitude. I've prepared for anything that comes my way, but not the human race. They care about nothing but themselves, and have no mercy. After finding my way into a dangerous situation, I'm forced to abandon all Ive ever known for a new feeling inside.


5. Chapter Four

     After what seems like hours of waiting in the dark, the metal door is opened. It provides a dim source of light, and an opening view into the danky hallway. I search the doorway for a man named "Hurley" but don't see the silhouette of anything. 

     Finally something comes into view. He flicks the lights on and looks straight at me. 

     He has messy brown hair and piercing green eyes. His expression is unforgiving as he walks towards me. 

     "So I heard you need a little correction from me?"

     For the first time in my life I am scared. I am scared of what I will endure. I am scared of everything. 

     Father has never prepared me for anything like this. I'm used to having to live on my own, not having to deal with dangerous people. 

     He swings his fist hard onto the side of my face and my head jerks to the side. Honestly, I could have blocked that if I wasn't completely stuck suspended. 

     My bones are almost indestructible because of my super human abilities, so his blow couldn't have done any serious damage. 

     "F*ck you." I mutter under my breath.

     "What was that?"

     He yanks the tool out of my stomach quickly.

     "I don't like b*tches that talk back."

     I realize the skinny metal object is a hook, and that it must have given me a serious injury.

     I bite my tongue to punish myself for saying such a foolish thing. 

     "Maybe I should replace this with something..." He heavily walks to the table, "something more painful." 

     He pulls a blade from its holder and flips it upright. He leisurely walks in front of me and looks my body up and down. 

    "You're a cute little thing aren't you? Why are you here?"

     I look up in disgust.

     "I don't know, but I do know I can clear your face of that smirk. Well, clear your face of any bone structure, that is."

     He throws his head back and laughs. 

     "Hmm..." He wonders allowed.

     He steps closer so his face is inches away from mine. His knife is lifted to my forehead. 

     "What shall it be?"

     I wimper in between shallow breaths and try to imagine myself throwing powerful hits that could knock his teeth out. 

     He gently slides the blade down to the corner of my mouth and increases the pressure. He curves it upward until blood seeps out of the slice in my skin. 

     He traces my cheek bone to my brow bone, leaving a trail of thick red blood dribbling onto my bare chest. 
My heart rate increases, but I try to keep calm. 

     "You are truly a beautiful creature." 

     He backs away and wipes the blood with his fingers. I manage to utter the words I've been wanting to say all this time. 

     "Have you realized what a mockery this makes of yourself?"

     He folds his arms across his chest and leans onto one leg. I see a smile creep onto his face as his eyebrow raises. 

     "So miss sassy, would you like to try this then? You think this is foolish? Think again."

     I match his attitude by raising my one eyebrow. 

     "Well I know that what you are doing doesn't have any meaning. What does abusing 'subjects' have to do with anything useful?"

     He gently touches the tip of the knife in his hand and studies me and my way of thinking. His gaze moves to my eyes, and I'm starting to feel something in my mind that I've never felt before. It's this want, a want to be closer to him.

     He is slightly tall, with a slender build. He has shaggy dark brown hair that nearly reaches his eyebrows. Deep green eyes are hidden underneath long eyelashes. Although he is skinny, he is muscular.

     He looks very familiar, but I can't seem to find another person's name in my mind.

     "Possibly I would consider your job hard, but then I think of mine, and it becomes a dangerous game for someone like you."

     For the first time, his face softens, and a genuine smile spreads across it. I am so frustrated by my feelings, because I hate him with a passion, but I have this need to be closer to him.

     He rolls his eyes and sets the blade onto a cloth at the end of the table. 

     "I've taught you your lesson, don't make me come back."

     Before heading out the door, he slams his hand down on the switch. Another jolt of electricity speeds through me, and my body flinches. 

     He slams the door behind him and leaves. My mind is torn between everything I've experienced today. I have no clue what is wrong with me. What are these strange feelings?!

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