Ivy Longbottm

Okay, this is my first story, please give constructive criticism. Also I am very bad at spelling. Anyway please enjoy! xx


2. The Library

The library is my favourite place in the whole school. I love Hogwarts! It's floor to ceiling with practically every book ever published in the Wizarding World; it's great! Me and Luna Lovegood (my best friend, who I do everything with) were sat at our usual table in the library reading (I was reading 'Quidditch Through The Ages' and Luna was reading 'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them') when Neville walked in carrying a massive pile of books in his arms; everyone could see that he was trying not to drop them - they must be really heavy. MERLIN'S PANTS!! I HATE THAT DRACO MALFOY!! He stuck his leg out just as Neville was passing his table. As Neville's pile of books were so high and he was obviously trying not to drop them, he failed to notice Malfoy's leg and fell over it dropping all of the books in the process! Luna and I leaped up and ran over to Neville. Luna instantly began to pick up all of the fallen books as I helped Neville to his feet. Passing Malfoy, as I took Neville back to our table, he (Malfoy) gave me a smug smile and a wink. A WINK! I stamped, hard, on his still extended foot. I thought I saw his eyes water a little in pain however I had no sympathy for him - he deserved it. I sat, the still trembling, Neville down in my chair and pulled out another one for me. Luna then came over carrying all of Neville's books and making it look much easier than Neville had done! She put them down onto the table and Neville moaned. "OH!" a frown on his face, "I've forgotten where the books go!" Luna gazed at the pile of books for a moment and then smiled at Neville. "It's okay, I know where they go. I'll put them back if you want?" And, without waiting for an answer, she picked up the books and walked off, leaving just Neville and I sat at the table.


"Yes, Neville?"


"What for?!" I said, confused. It's not normal for somebody to just thank you, with no real reason... ... is it?

"For sticking up for me against... um... Malfoy."

"Oh! Don't be silly! What did you think I'd do: point and laugh!? Neville. I am your sister. Your TWIN sister. I'm not gonna let some stuck up brat take advantage of you, am I? I love you, for Merlin's sake, and I detest him - I'm gonna stick up for you!" Neville smiled at me but he was close to tears. "Hey, now! What's up?! Don't cry or you'll set me off and I don't know why you'd be crying in the first place!" He sniffed and rubbed his eyes. I pulled my chair up closer to his and put my arm around him. He rested his head on my  shoulder, tears now streaming like waterfalls down his pale cheeks. Luna came back then and told us that Madam Pince, the Librarian, told her that we only had five more minuets before she closed the Library for the night. We got up, Neville still sobbing silently. Luna looked at him in a way that had some sympathy in it and a lot of confusion. I put my book back into my bag and beckoned for Luna and Neville to follow me. I tip-toed round the table and hid behind one of the book-cases. When Neville and Luna had joined me behind the book-case, Neville open his mouth to say something but I cut across him, "We shouldn't go past Malfoy's table, not with you crying like that, Neville, who knows what he'd do!" I led the way and we tip-toed out of the Library, hiding from Malfoy and his followers (Crabbe and Goyle). Luna and I walked Neville back to him common room, to make sure that he was alright. Luna began to walk back to our common room (Ravenclaw) but stopped when I called her back.

"I'll meet you in the common room. I just have to do something!"

"Okay!" Luna called back and I set of towards the Dungeons.

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