Ivy Longbottm

Okay, this is my first story, please give constructive criticism. Also I am very bad at spelling. Anyway please enjoy! xx


1. Info

Hi. My name's Ivy Longbottom. I'm Neville Longbottom's twin sister but because I am younger by 10 minuets I was put into the year bellow his. After Mother and Father... well ... let's just say that Grandmother only wanted Neville. Not me. So she had asked Professor Albus Dumbledore to take care of me. Obviously, Albus is an extremely busy man and struggled to look after me - I was only a baby and needed a lot of care and attention. Albus gave me in to the keeping of Professor Severus Snape (Sev). Sev's looked after me ever since and he's like the father i could have had. Well that's me.

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