Missing Piece

You ever feel like something has been missing your whole life? I have a wonderful dad, stepmom, and the most adorable little brother. But I still feel like I'm missing something, or someone. My dad told me my mother died in a car accident when I was little. I don't know her name but I will tell you mine. My name is Lilly. Lilly Styles.



Hey my little fuckers! I'M SO FUCKIN SORRY I HAVEN'T UPDATED IN MONTHS! But I have an IMPORTANT NOTE AT THE END! READ IT! Anywhore, heres chapter something:-D Recap: ****Harry's P.O.V.**** "Maybe it's time to tell them. They have the right to know" Her dad said. "Um..uh..ugh. Fine." Mum agreed "Well we don't know how to put this but..." Now: "...you guys are siblings" "What does you mean?..." "Well...I'm your mum..." Mum said to Lilly "And...I'm your dad..." Her dad said to me Me and Lilly were just staring at them speechless. But then Gemma came out of nowhere. "Hey, sorry I was ta-" She stopped herself when she saw us. "Hey!...what are you guys doin-" "They know." "Oh..." "Yeah..." "So..." I didn't know what to say until Lilly spoke first. "How...what...why didn't you ever tell us?" "Well we didn't think you guys would ever meet each other or even be friends with each other" I decided I should say something. "That doesn't give you the right to not tell us!" I was slowly getting angry. I grabbed Lilly and ran outside. Lilly looked back but she looked hurt. I was too, why didn't they ever tell us? You can't keep twins away from each other. We got in the car and just sat there. I looked at Lilly who was really quiet. "Are you alright?" "Oh you know my dad and supposedly mum just told me I had a twin brother after keeping it from me after 15 years! How do you think I feel!" "I know I feel the same, but maybe they had a reason?" I said more of a question. "What kind of reason would there be?! Don't get me wrong I love that you're my brother but my dad never lies to me" She said starting to tear up. Knowing she's my sister now makes me wanna cry even more when she's sad. "Hey hey hey don't cry...the good thing about all this is that we're siblings" I smiled trying to make her feel better. "Yeah" She smiled "Definitely...and maybe we were a little too hard on them. We should go back and apologize...they might have a reason" "Yeah we should" Then we got out of the car and walked back to the restaurant. ****Lilly's P.O.V.**** I can't believe Harry's my brother! My twin! And I really can't believe that my dad lied to me all these years. Of course I'm hurt but maybe there was a reason. We were walking back to the restaurant only for them to be walking out. They saw us and smiled. "You came back!" Anne--my mum said. "We...figured there was a reason why you didn't tell us..." "Well we'll tell you why...just not here. Lets go back to the house" Anne said. I'm not calling her mum until I get a reason. **** We went to Anne's house and we sat down getting ready to hear the story. Anne started speaking... *FLASH BACK* ****Anne's P.O.V.**** I found out by my best friend that Des cheated on my with the one person I hated the most! I don't even care if he was drunk or not! You're still doing it! I heard his car pull up. Great I wonder if he was at work or fucking her again. He walked in and I gave him the biggest death stare ever! If looks could kill he would be dead right now. "What's wrong babe?" "Oh shut the hell up! You know what's wrong! You didn't think I would find out?! Huh! Do you think I'm stupid or something?!" "What are you talking about?" He said nervously. "Don't even try that! You know what I'm talking about! How was she huh?! If you love her so much why the fuck are you still here?!" "Shh the babies are sleeping" "Ha! Like you care! You know what I'm done get out of my house! Go to your little fuck buddy! Like I care! Just go away!" At this point I started crying. "I was drunk how the hell am I suppose to control myself?!" "Don't even try that excuse. You still knew what you were doing! Especially with her! Ugh I can't even say her name!" "You know what maybe I will go back to her! You are over reacting!" With that he walked out. I went to my room and cried and cried. It was almost time to pick Gem up from school. I cleaned myself up and drove to her school. We got home to see that his car still wasn't there. Did he really go back to her? "Mommy? Why isn't daddy's car here? Did he go somewhere?" "Um, yeah sweetie he left...to...uh...go buy something" I said while fake smiling at her. She nodded. I told her to go in her room and do her homework while I talk to Dina, my best friend. In the middle of the call I heard somebody come in the house. "Listen Dina, I'll call you back, that might be him" I said as I ended the call. I walked down stairs to see Des' drunken self. Can't even hold himself up. "Where did you go? I was worried!" I said as I hugged him. "You said leave. I did. She was even better the second time," he said smirking. "Are you fuckin serious...you went back to her." Now I was beyond pissed. "You said to, so I always obey the queen's orders" he said in a cocky attitude. "You really are something. I'm done with you. If you really don't love me you can just get out...just leave...we're through," I said turning away. That must have sobered him up. "Wait what? No Anne baby, I'm sorry, I was stupid I promise it won't happen again!" "No...just get out! I'm so fuckin done with your shit! You did it twice! Not once, twice! The second time on purpose! Just pack up your shit and leave!" "You can't kick me out of our children's lives!" "Oh but I just did" "Let me have one of them, I promise I will take good care of them!" "Obviously not, goodbye Des" I said shoving him out the door. I went back to my room and cried my eyes out till I fell asleep. I woke up to a door slamming. I hurried to Gem's room to see she was still sleeping. I went to the babies' room to see that one of the cribs was empty. My eyes widened, Lilly. I was about to call the police when I saw a note. Dear Anne, I really am truly sorry. You're taking my children, my life away from me. I wanted at least something to remind me of you. I took Lilly because she has you're face, your nose, you lips, and I let you keep Harry to have a man to protect Gem:) Just remember I love you<3 Never forget. -Des xo P.S. I love you No. No no no no no! Lilly my poor baby! I called Des. *Call* A: What the hell is wrong with you?! I will call the police you can't take my baby away! D: Hey! She's my child too! You can't keep all of them! A: Ugh fine! I will call everyday though to check on her! I can't believe you... D: Did you um see the note? A: Yes and? D: I do love you Anne A: Okay good bye *End call* I love you too... *PRESENT* ****Lilly's P.O.V.**** "We were gonna tell you guys when you were 16, but then Harry got famous and I didn't want anything to get out in public and stuff" Anne said. Me and Harry just sat there in shock. "Really dad?!" I yelled at him, "What the hell was wrong with you?! Were you really that stupid! What did you do while you were in America with me? Huh? Leave me with a stupid babysitter and go out and get drunk!" "Lilly, honey, I promise I stopped after that, I stopped drinking" "Oh please, stop with all these promises you know you can't keep! I'm going back to the hotel, see you later" I said getting my stuff and walking away. "Lilly wait!" I turned around and saw Gemma and Harry chasing me. "Look I know our dad's a dick but that was when they were young and stupid, he's a good guy now," Gemma said to me. "It's not even that, it's the fact that they never told us until now, they were not even gonna tell us!" "Look, the good thing is we've met now and I found out I have another sister," Harry said while smiling at me and pulling me into a hug. "Yeah, and I finally met my sister who I've never seen for years," Gem said smiling and joining the group hug too. "Well maybe I over reacted" "Just like mom" Gem said giggling. "Hey you have to admit she did have a good reason" I said while we all walked inside still in our group hug. We probably looked stupid, like that Suite Life of Zack and Cody! "Does this remind anybody of the Zack and Cody episode?" I said laughing. "Yes! I was just thinking of that!" We all laughed trying to fit through the door with our group hug. "Okay lets break! This is never going to work!" Harry said laughing. We walked through the house to see our parents still sitting in the same spots. "Hey I'm sorry I over reacted" I said to them. Anne smiled, "It's alright, you have a reason to" "No I don't, the good thing is that we found out, so I'm okay now" "Yay! Group hug again!" Harry had to shout. I rolled my eyes and we went back to hugging. ****IMPORTANT**** Okay guys I'm gonna need a Co-Author! I never have time to update and I don't even know where this story is gonna go! I literally write what's in my mind! If you think you can handle it tell me in the comments! If you have a movella fanfiction tell me in the comments your best story so I can read it and maybe I will recommend you:) With you we can make this Movella amazing! Love you fuckers<3 -J xoxo
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