Missing Piece

You ever feel like something has been missing your whole life? I have a wonderful dad, stepmom, and the most adorable little brother. But I still feel like I'm missing something, or someone. My dad told me my mother died in a car accident when I was little. I don't know her name but I will tell you mine. My name is Lilly. Lilly Styles.


1. Best Birthday Ever!

  Today is my birthday. February 1st. I'm turning 18 today! I feel like something weird is gonna happen today. I always feel like I'm forgetting something everyday. I have these dreams with some guy with curly hair and green eyes. Also sometimes with a woman with long black/brown hair and blue-green eyes. Which is weird because I have brown wavy hair, but I have highlights, and I also have blue-green eyes. Anyway, my stepmom, Diane, and my dad, Des planned my whole party. My best friends Jasmine, Marina, and Katie are coming. I've known them since the third grade! Dad says him and mom (I call Diane mom because she is one to me) got me the best present! I wanna know what it is! 

  It's 6:00 and people started to arrive to the party. Did I mention I have a REALLY BIG house! I know a lot of people so the house will be packed. I saw Jasmine, Marina, and Katie walking through the door. Jasmine has long, straight, dark brown hair and brightest and biggest blue eyes! Marina has long, wavy, black hair and pretty dark brown eyes. Katie has straight, strawberry blonde hair and shiny blue eyes. They're the bestest friends you could ask for! 

 It's 9:00 and there was already a packed house. It was time for present opening! I got many things like clothes and shoes and everything a teenage girl likes. Jasmine got me the best perfume in the world! Viktor and Rolf-Flowerbomb. I don't know how she got this! It's impossible to get it in Manchester!

 "Oh my god! Jazzy! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! How did you get this?!" I screamed.

"I know people. Haha." She replied.

Marina got me the T.I Touch Titanium Purple Peacock straightener. She knows I like my hair straight but my straightener doesn't do shit.

 "Aww thanks Marina! Thanks for remembering my straightener is shit. Haha"

"Haha. No problem chicka." Did I mention Marina is Latino and she transfered here when she was eight? Yeah, probably should've mentioned that.

Finally, Katie. Her gift was in an envalope. When I opened it I saw tickets not just any tickets. It was One Direction tickets. 

 "Um, Katie? I don't even know who One Direction is?" When I mentioned One Direction my dad who was on the phone snapped his head in our direction. 

"One Direction? What's up with One Direction?" He said really fast.

"Katie got me tickets for their concert in three days"

"Oh you can't go. We have a....thing to go to"

"Dad you're a horrible liar. I don't know who these guys are but I'm going anyway"

"Yay!" Katie said. "Jasmine, Marina, I got tickets for you guys too! We can all go together! Oh and we don't just have tickets. We have backstage passes!" She whispered so my dad wouldn't here and have a weird outburst again.

 "So dad, what's my gift?"

"Oh! Follow me!"

Everybody followed him out the front door. When we got outside there was a red convertible with a white bow on top.

 "Ahhhh! Omg dad! Thank you! You're the best dad ever!"

This was by far, the best birthday ever!



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