Scream Me a Lullaby

"It would seem that sometimes, we have to fall before we fly..." I smirked through my pouted lips.
"No need to bring Sleeping With Sirens into this." He was so corny, but I couldn't help but love how we live off of lyrics.

Well, being in a band, I guess we quite literally live off of our lyrics.

I clambered onto his back as he took the guitar from his neck. He caught my legs and I held on tight, nestling my face into his messy hair.
"Another night in the bus?"
"Yep. Let me scream you a lullaby sweetheart."


2. ~Saving Insanity

It would seem, that beginning new life, isn't all the best thing to do. I mean... I just started Lincoln High. The home of the 'Flying Eagles'. But, why should I care? I'm not a jock. Actually, I'm female. Don't even get me started on the cheerleaders, no, I'm not a popular whore. 

I'm the 'emo' kid, I guess. 

Haha.. Very funny faggots.

Day 1.

Living through hell.

"Morning Miss Hemingway, here's your timetable. Be at your classes on time, or face the consequences."

"Yeah, I'll be there." I muttered, lyrics already forming in my head. It would seem I cannot go anywhere, or say anything, without forming a song. I plugged my ears with my music and listened to the attractive screaming erupting through my ears from Oli Syke's voice. 

Jace could scream well. It was down right the most attractive thing he did when he sang. When he's up there, rocking the guitar, blasting out those notes and singing like he does... Well... 

Let's just say, I'm not the only fan girl that's 'Chasing Jace'. 

And I'm in the band. 

"What the actual fuck is that?" I looked up at a pair of idiots walking past, their pale blue shirts stained with dirt and.. I don't want to guess what, ties messy, loose like mine, but almost completely pointless.I sighed, loudly and turned up the volume. I almost couldn't hear them insulting me over the guitar riff. "Dirty emo skets." I turned and flipped him off with a smirk over my dark lips, before spinning back on my heel and heading for my first class, one hand holding the strap of my backpack. Good luck Capri.

I knocked on the shiny wood of the door in the art block. I loved art, almost as much as I loved making music with the guys. I tapped at the screen of my smashed phone and lowered the music, hiding my earphone in my hair, I popped another piece of gum onto my tongue. 

"Come in." I heared the muffled call of a middle aged, female teacher call to me. I clutched the handle and could almost feel the eyes that were watching the door. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before opening the door and letting it shut behind me. I dared to let my blacked eyes skim the crowd. Shit.

I ignored the muffled laughter and comments that erupted through the classroom. 

"Enough! Capri, is it? Welcome to A1 Art. Take a seat and catch up. Being late to your first lesson isn't a good start."

I shook her off and dragged myself to a stool at the far back. One that wasn't situated near some blonde plastic. I made a disgruntled mumble in the back of my throat as I sat down and dumped the backpack on the floor. I sneakily turned my volume up as the pupils began to talk and work. I read the brief on the board and smiled, drawing the human body. A skull, a hand, or the heart were the available options. I smirked down at my new sketchbook that had been placed before me. 

"Remove the gum, the music, do your tie and tone down the makeup." I turned my head to her, sending her my best stare. 

"Huh?" I muttered, taking to my feet and stumbling to the bin to spit my still minty gum into the black liner full of mouldy bits of food and wasted art efforts. 

"And are those regulated footwear?" I looked down at my black Doc Martins. I doubt it. The teacher sighed in a fluster and continued to help random whining bitches before taking a seat back at her busy desk. Piles of artwork, shabby pictures done by Teacher 's Pets, images or her children and a bog standard school laptop were present on the chipped wood desk. I pulled the stool in with the toes of my feet wrapped around the front legs. I removed the black jacket I had stolen from Jace after last night's gig and dumped it over my backpack. Well, I guess I could give a description of myself at this point. 

I'm your typical teen, not happy with herself, her life, and most things in general. Wait, that's personality. Moving on.

I'm not the thinnest girl, but I wouldn't say I was overly fat either. I'm curvy, I guess. I mean, I've got boobs and as ass if that's what you mean by curvy. My uniform, I hate. Let's say that before I begin. It's just so restricting! Anyway, I wear tight fitting trousers, it's the closest thing to skinnies, so I can deal. I'm forced to wear these black, but I can't complain with that. The top, is this really awful cheap silk material that is forced to cling to your frame. Its buttons 'must be done to the top' but fuck the rules, I can't breathe. I must also wear a bright blue tie with some lines on it. Best description of the year award for my tie guys. I wear that in a big knot and hang it loose. My excuse? I can't breathe. My complexion is pale, so I have to wear pale makeup to hide my blemishes. My eye's aren't as big as I wish they were, but the only way to get them like I want them to be is either have surgery somehow, or take Mikey's advice and 'get high'. Nah, you're alright. Anyway, I'll keep on task. Black eye liner tends to mark my eyes and flicks at the end. Cat eye's you'd call it? My hair sweeps with a large fringe to one side, but no, I don't believe I'm a 'scene' kid. I don't think so anyway, but my hair's rather dark brown in the least, and tends to be "puffy" as Danny says, due to the minor backcombing I indulge in. 

That's me. Not much for a centre stage character. But then, I'm not singing about flying star ships, with my body on show, I sing for everything I feel, I sing in front of them kids in the mosh pits.

Believe it or not, I'm still in Art. All my blabbering hasn't got me no where, I still have a lesson left. I sighed again, making it as noticeable as possible and carried on shading the skull I had succesfully drawn into the first page of my sketchbook. I set down the chewed pencil and took in the art room. It was rather full for an art class. Students were sat in their own little groups, and as far as I could see, non of them seemed to be my set of friends. A lot of sluts had taken this course. Great. One of them hadn't left her makeup case alone the whole time I'd been here. Many people kept sneaking a glance at me. I couldn't be arsed smiling for them, so I just used my dark eyes for effect and stared into them until they gave up the contest. My eyes always won stare contests. 

"Um... Hey?" I felt my eyes rolling in their sockets as I heard a voice mumble beside me. I turned my cheek into my palm of the arm resting on the table. I couldn't even keep my own head up, the gig last night had taken all my energy. Well, it would anyone when you're playing into the early hours and dancing like a freak on stage. The fans seemed to like it when me and Jace had fun. Like the time we got drunk on- 

"Er, I said 'hey'?" The voice piped up again and I was snatched from my day dream. 

"Erm, yeah?" I said, my eyes searching for the source of the voice. A small muffled laugh escape a hunched frame. The frame pulled up and flicked the hair from it's face. It was a guy, so I can stop calling him an it. 

"New right?" He sent me a small smile. I don't like socializing. 

"Yeah.." I said, my eyebrows furrowing at how awkward I was. "I wouldn't bother, I'm socially awkward." Well.. It wasn't a complete lie...

"Ha, same. The name's Kane." The kid flicked his hair out of his face again and stretched out his arm. The rolled down sleeves of his blazer hitched up as he moved them and my eyes laid sight on them instantly. I clasped his hand and tugged his arm. 

"Hey!" Kane pulled his arm back, my energy not stable enough to hold on tighter. 

"It's Capri." I muttered as I half hearted shook his arm. My eyes kept darting to the marks on his arm. I sighed and closed my eyes. 

"Stop sighing, it's really tiring." Kane laughed at me, he reclaimed his hand, tugging it from mine and pulled at the sleeves of his blazer. 

"Sorry, I'm tired." I faced forward, it bugged me that even my songs couldn't touch everyone and they're problems. "Be careful, yeah?" 

"What?" I could feel Kane's eyes burning into my sides. I ignored him and he soon got the reference. "Fuck off, you may be hot, but you can't control me." I looked over at him with disgust on my face, he was smiling through biting his lip. He winked at me when I made eye contact. 

"Fine." I muttered returning to my sketch. I yawned and wished I could just ditch school and sleep in with the guys all day again. 

"Hey, don't go cold on me cutie." My eyes burned when I was finished rolling them into the back of my head. Faggots. Faggots everywhere. 

I clasped my backpack and flung it over my shoulder. I want to go back to the bus. I unlocked my phone and dialled the contact labelled: 'Dickhead' for Jace. I waited for him to not pick up the phone. 10am is far too early for him. 

"S'up?" He picked up?

"ErrmJace, it's me." 

"Capri?" I heard him giggling to the guys about my 'school day'. Urgh they were for it tonight. "Wassup darlin'?" I sighed, hoping.

"Can you pick me up? I can't stand it." More laughter and I'm sure I heard Mikey coughing some shit.

"But sweetheart, you need your education." Laughs. " Why? Some bitch hurt you?" 

"No, I just can't stand it. Like I said, now, get off your lazy ass and pick me up like a good boy."

"Fuck that." 

"I got chat up."

"I'll be over in 5." 

He hung up the phone and I smiled to myself. Jace couldn't stand guys flirting with me, even though we weren't a couple or anything. The perks of my best friend.


I watched as he familiar figure of Jace skated up to the school gates. I smiled and headed for the gate, but came to a halt. Locked. 


"Hey. What dick said what to you?" Jace kicked up the skateboard and I looked at the deck instead of him. 

"Seriously?" I raised an eyebrow at him. Our logo printed onto the wood. The words 'Saving Insanity' carved their and our newest album cover in dead centre. 

"Looks good right?" Jace looked up at me with a beam on his face. I nodded and bit my lip. "You can't complain! You're always wearing our merch!" He clasped my wrist through the bars of the fencing. He looked up at the tall metal bars. "Woah... This prison then?" 

"You're telling me, I've only been here a few hours and I want it burned." I giggled. "How's Mikey?" I recalled last night where he'd blanked it. 

"Alive.. For now." Jace bit at his lip through a smile and I was reminded of dickhead Kane. 

"Anyway, bust me out!" I held onto his hand and he scrunched up half his face. 

"..How?" He slammed his head against the bars. I pulled the beanie from his head and his messy black hair fell around his face. 

"Bedhead much." I smirked playfully fingering the holes in his trashy beanie.

"That was what the beanie was for." He reached for the hat and I simply stepped back. "Look, bitch." He grumbled reaching his thin pale arm through. "You already stole my jacket and I'm freezing, don't take my beanie too." I stuck my tongue out at him and I noticed a few students watching us with bored expressions. Jace wasn't very muscular. He was thin, pale, but defined. It's all the stage running he does. I swear, it does wonders on the abs. 

He's got those really long, thin legs guys have. They look very nice in black skinniesMmmJace has few tattoos, but I know he loves them. He only has them done for a reason. For example, the wilting rose on his lower right shoulder blade is for his deceased mother. Others reaching towards his neck and down his chest. He reminded me of a cross between Kellin Quinn and Oliver Sykes. Lord help me. Piercings. He's had snakebites before, but let them heal, now he just has tunnels in his ears. Still hot. 

The sickly ringing of the school bell caused me to moan into the dim grey skies. Jace leaned on the gate looking smug. 

"You'll be down by the bus after this shit hole then?" He winked at me and I threw the hat at him. 

"I hate you." I muttered adjusting the backpack and pulling his jacket around my frame. He looked down for a while then back at me.

"Have a good day sweetheart." His piercing blue eyes sincere and real. I smiled genuinely at him.

"I'll see you tonight." He smiled back as my warmth hit him. 

"I'll see you then." He kicked the board to the pavement and set off. I watched through the dreary green bushes that flocked around the gates as he skated away effortlessly. 

"Bring me a better horizon guys." I muttered as I silenced my music and headed for math. This is the end for me.

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