Scream Me a Lullaby

"It would seem that sometimes, we have to fall before we fly..." I smirked through my pouted lips.
"No need to bring Sleeping With Sirens into this." He was so corny, but I couldn't help but love how we live off of lyrics.

Well, being in a band, I guess we quite literally live off of our lyrics.

I clambered onto his back as he took the guitar from his neck. He caught my legs and I held on tight, nestling my face into his messy hair.
"Another night in the bus?"
"Yep. Let me scream you a lullaby sweetheart."


5. ~Long Time, No See

After becoming bored of watching the road stretch onward, I slipped into the back and to the bathroom where all of my make up resided. With a tired sigh, I set to work my usual routine. My mood slowly picked up as I found that the troublesome eye make up I was so used to doing was going well until, that is, the driver decided to speed over a road bump. My hand wobbled and consequently, a wobbly line of thick, black eyeliner marked my upper lid. I growled as I heard giggles erupting from outside the bathroom door. 

A cocky smile spread over my angry features and I slammed open the door, which hit Mikey straight in the gut. As the coughing bassist got over the initial shock of being hit with a door, I turned my attention to the other two guys, whom were trying their hardest to 'act natural'. Jace turned, only just swallowing his laughter, to have it burst from his lips. Jake's eyes searched for what was so funny and the shy drummer joined Jace in laughing. My brows furrowed and confusion set over my features as Mikey also begun to laugh. I shook my head between each of the members, quite honestly confused of what was so funny. I checked my shirt for stains and then it hit me.

My eyeliner was a mess.

"Alright you useless, good for nothing, fuck nuggets. Laugh it up." I folded my arms and closed my eyes and that only received a larger outburst from the immature lot. 

"You look like a lost member of Black Veil Brides!" Jace mocked from beside me. He liked to use that phrase a lot, especially when I had exited the shower when forgetting to remove makeup before hand. I say 'forget' when in reality I'm just too lazy. It didn't really bother me seen as I didn't find hate for most bands. 

"Laugh it up fellas. Like I care." I pouted slightly before storming past the jerks with my head held high. Upon retrieving a wipe, I locked myself in the bathroom once again. I continued to save my disgraceful makeup and re-apply whilst listening to the laughter die down outside. 



I exited with my usual attire and only smirks remained. I slipped into the booth of the bus and leaned against the cold glass of the window. Shivering from its touch, I tried to think back to the last time I had pulled a favour from Ben Bruce. It was hard to remember nights that concerned Asking, they tended to end up with the participants either too drunk, or high on illegal shit. Or both.

I sighed and refrained from rubbing my face, aware I had to try and at least seem presentable to meet with our main act. I thought over how close I was to each of the members and unfortunately found myself remembering certain events that no young woman should have to experience. I huffed out a sad laugh as I remembered my old life. It made me wonder if the boys had remembered me. Probably not, I mean, maybe some... Definitely not Ben. He had to ask three times who the hell had got his number before remembering my name. In fact, I also doubted highly that Danny would recognize my face. James, Sam maybe.. Cameron. I had been fairly close to Cameron before... I shook my head. 

"I'll take it as it happens, I cant live life fearing the future."  I smiled at how deep my own statement had been. Heck, let me write that down.

"Thinking up new lyrics eh, Cap?" Jace slid into the booth beside me and let my smile hold. I looked over him, my breathing slow and calm. I took the easy escape and lied to his face.

"Yep, I mean, when am I not?" Jace slung his arm over my shoulder and I relaxed further. 

"That's my girl." He looked at his free hand and admired his most favoured pick between his long boney fingers. "Hey.. Capri.." I shuffled in his hold and sighed, awaiting the lecture I was about to get.

'Don't do this, don't do that... etc.' 

"Yeah?" I asked innocently, covering the fact I was far more aware of what he was about to say.

"If anything happens on this tour, I want you to tell me. I want you to be careful, I want you to come to me." He gazed over at me with a sad look in his deep eyes. I was taken back, my lips parted as I forgot to breathe. Jace, lead guitarist with a no fucks given attitude, was looking out for me. I smiled properly in response and flung my arms around his torso, hugging his thin frame to me. 

"Understood Captain." I giggled into his neck as he pulled me closer and held on tight. I admired his tattoos, tracing the ink with my cold finger tips, causing him to shiver. 

"Just don't forget about me, okay?" I pulled back and looked him in the eyes, rolling my eyes at his fragile mood.

"How could I forget my best friend?" He smiled weakly, but didn't allow me to question it, as he took me back into the hug, tightening further. I slapped his arm, aware I was being constricted like prey to a snake. He responded only by releasing me and leaving. I watched, hurt swelling slightly in my chest as he just up and left his seat. 

And not once did he turn back. 

I returned to sighing, an awful habit of mine. 






The screech of the bus's breaks caused me to shoot up from slumber. Shit. I'd slept with makeup on. I rushed over to the mirror closest to me and was surprised to find myself looking decent enough. I drew back one of the short curtains and examined the truck yard we'd parked in and could already see Asking Alexandria's bus parked not far away. Taking a look down at my bed clothes I quickly barged past Mikey who was retrieving a beer from the fridge.

"Hey! Watch it!" He called after me, but I wasn't paying attention. I couldn't face anyone like this. 

"Where is it?" I mumbled to myself as I began to tear shirts out of the drawers and pulled skinny jeans over my bare legs. I held my breath and tied the belt before reaching back down for a shirt. 

Part of me really wanted to wear a Saving Insanity shirt, just to piss them off. However, it seemed vain and so I reluctantly pulled a shirt from Asking's oldest merch I owned. Finally happy with clothes, I begun to tease my hair. Note to self, never take your eyes off of your hair when teasing. I looked back to find a lion staring at me and quickly set to work taming the beast when a knock rung throughout the bus. I dropped the comb with shock and looked towards where the sound had come from. 

"Go on then!" Jace pushed me towards the door, his tone becoming the pissed tone from before. I took a deep breath, calming myself momentarily, before tip toeing towards the front of the bus. 

"Yo, bitch you in here?" I rolled my eyes as the muffled voice came from the other side of the door. My fingers gripped the handle and I leaned against the door frame as I swung open the door.

"Yeah. I'm here." I stated confidently. The visitor turned to face me, the cigarette burning silently between his fingers. His hair was as messy and wild as usual and he was stood before me in his own merch, from the looks of which he had slept in. His face was the same height as mine from where I stood, elevated in the door frame. He puffed away the smoke before smiling up at me.

"Long time, no see Capri." 

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